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  1. Tsi2 18 degree head with headcover and adapter...160.
  2. Hey Bob, have the fujikura pro 95 shafts I got from you in the Miura irons and got another set to put in the apex mbs so don't need 3 sets. They will be my shafts for quite awhile!!!
  3. Mcraft putter with headcover and weights..33 inches with super stroke tour 3.0 grip..185 Only trade interest would be for a sim 5 wood.
  4. F9 14.5 in really good shape with adapter and headcover..sold Miura ic601 6 iron..$70
  5. M3 tour issue head, not the original owner and did not receive the specs when purchased..$160. 50 and 58 degree DW wedge heads, not certain on the lofts and lies but an easy adjustment for the buyer $100 each or $175 for the pair.
  6. .355 tapered.. 2 are 34.25. Then 34.75..35.25..36.75..37.25. 100 obo
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