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  1. Yeah Bob, moved to a 21 mb cb combo. Thanks Erik..a little snow in your forecast?
  2. Sim..no headcover..velocore red 6s...a little glue residue around adapter (you can see in the pics), so if your anal you can have it redone or if your getting older (me) and you can't see very good anymore it looks fine..$400...sold
  3. thegoomba

    Fort Myers

    That's a great deal!
  4. thegoomba

    Fort Myers

    I played there a couple of times years ago when I was down here, great course but I remember paying I think 75-80 dollars, checked and it's 158 now.
  5. thegoomba

    Fort Myers

    Thanks, I'll take a look.
  6. thegoomba

    Fort Myers

    In Cape Coral/fort Myers area the next 5 days and looking to play Wednesday..any suggestions?
  7. Yeah, heading out on Vacation tomorrow and if it's still around going to put in on ebay and sell putter and headcover separately.
  8. In great shape, plays about 33.5 inches with a "new" 2014 limited superstroke 3.0 ryder cup grip my guy had unopened in his shop, have swag grip also included. Headcover has been sold..putter $375
  9. The 300 mini is very playable off the deck, if you hit your normal 3 wood good from the fairway you will have no problem with the 300.
  10. Just over 43.5 inches and untipped to my knowledge. Would be interested in other shafts like a Diamana zf 50 or a ventus 5s would add cash to that if need be..150
  11. Thanks, a little surprising a high priced bag would not have a matching cover.
  12. Just picked up a white player 2 stand bag, for those who have a white bag was the rain hood a matching color or was it black? Mine came with a black rain hood so was wondering if that was standard.
  13. 43.5 inches, played 44.5 in the sim driver. Untipped 25.25 to first ring. Standard plus 4 grip $160.
  14. Hit it great off the tee Bob but need something with more spin off the turf, hit it good just too low.
  15. Head only..interested in trading for a Cobra radspeed 3 wood head..$125
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