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  1. Callaway FT Tour sat like 4 degrees open. Nice shaped head as well
  2. Ok thanks. Should I fix it? What would I gain. Seen your stuff on youtube btw, youre a legend!!
  3. When I look at the top golfers, the legends. None of them really lets the left hip come forward towards the ball.
  4. Hopefully someone can help me with this. Im a descent player but Im thinking about my left hip and how it (from DTL) moves towards the ball (knee falls forward as well obviously) like 3 inches. My head doesnt move and buttline stays putt. And in the downswing the left hip clears and I can deliver the club from the inside the majority of the time (can struggle with this with driver, not over the top but more lack of separation in the downswing ie open the shoulders to the target a little early). So is this forward move a problem to be concerned about? Would it help me to work on it? Thanks!
  5. High launch makes it easier to stop on the greens. Seems like a lot of people wants lower launch. Im not sure why. I would think its easier and cheaper to fix your delivery instead of looking for different shafts.
  6. You didnt believe that he had iblades at first in his long irons and i210 in the shorter https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2019/06/20/viktor-hovland-signs-with-ping-heres-whats-in-his-bag-115192/
  7. check the first ping bag he had at whats in the bag golfwrx.
  8. What about PXLZ that Ping offers? The AMT shafts should be completely different then? They go heavier in the short irons.
  9. Aha, thats interesting. Thanks for the info. So I like the feel with lighter with short irons. I didnt know that, but it makes sense, since I like to make smooth swings and have a slow transition. Do you think I should look at those options in stiff or regular?
  10. 83-85 swing speed with 7i. Ive been using CFS in regular. Im a bit of a low launcher.
  11. I really like the feel of the CFS iron shaft that Ping used to offer. If I went to a demo what shafts should I look for that would feel similar and have the same weight and torque?
  12. He had iblades in the longer irons and i210s in the shorter for a while. Yes, odd I now, but he wanted to be able to hit his long irons lower if needed. I must admit I think iblade looks better than the i59.
  13. I Think you will be fine. I tried 6.0 and could maybe have gamed it but 5.5 felt easier to handle for me. Im like 83-85 with a very smooth swing.
  14. Just a question about shaft weight. On Pings website they claim that Project x LZ 5.5 weighs 109 gram. On TTs website it says they weigh 115 grams. How come? Other shafts on Pings website seems to be true to what the shaft producers claim. Also, for other users of the Project X LZ users what swing speed do you have with 7 iron?
  15. Trying to stop the video so I can see the impact position. But it looks like an early release or flip at impact or?. If you can send me impact position down the line and a front view of impact it would be much easier to solve the problem.
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