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  1. Trying to stop the video so I can see the impact position. But it looks like an early release or flip at impact or?. If you can send me impact position down the line and a front view of impact it would be much easier to solve the problem.
  2. If you like to place the ball far back in the stance and hit it and your miss is a top, low bounce can be an option for sure. It can of course be used in the bunker as well but that requires a technique were you open it up totally and use the backside of the wedge as your bounce.
  3. I dont know much about the T grind, Ive never tried one, just seen photos of them. Dont think they were available for "normal" people up until recently, they have very little bounce. I have used an L grind though and its also if you like to hit flop shots, or other different specialty shots and play firmer conditions. Worked great as a 60 degree. But I still think the M-grind is more versatile, especially if you gonna use it in a bunker. I use D-grind which is the same as M-grind but with a lot more bounce. But I play very often in soft conditions here in Scandinavia. But I have changed techni
  4. On tour you still see The G400 driver, but not so much the Max, its either the LST or the standard G400. Im using the G410 plus and when I bought it the price on G400 max was the same so I went with the newer one since I got a few extra yards out of it. But Im sure that I couldve played both and it wouldnt affect my score. But if you have a chance to test first, check out the standard G400 also. Smaller head which I like.
  5. Isnt there a flat setting on the G400 max? Or maybe it wasnt introduced until the G410 plus? I game the plus and the flat setting helps me to fade it pretty much as much as I want. And its a very forgiving driver.
  6. "28 grams of forward-biased RADIAL WEIGHTING to deliver our lowest spinning driver with radical ball speed and the most workable of the three drivers". That sure sounds like a very fade biased driver with low spin. All that weight forward will make it much more difficult to close the face. Weight in the back= easier to close the face.
  7. Always a risk when you buy off the shelf. Do you have the heavier weight in the back? Usually I find Cobra heads to be pretty light. To add some lead tape to the heel could also help you close the face. Maybe you know all this, just saying. I havent tried it but I struggled with fades in my F9 driver, but when I added more weight to the head it became radically more stable. Maybe put the head on a weight scale and check.
  8. The C-grind is very similar to Vokey M-grind. Easy to open up as well with toe and heel-relief. M-grind is 08 degree of bounce. If you want less bounce than that you should try the L-grind.
  9. WS blades or Zforged would be the most "forgiving" but not much in it. Be careful not to go with a shaft thats too stiff. I always use a slightly softer shaft in my blades. Gives me a little more snap.
  10. or it shows that too many in this group believes the best way to hit a 7 iron is to max it, to get some numbers to show off.
  11. I think its really sad that people claim they hit a 7 iron 12 yards longer than average tour pros. This couldve been a good post if people were being honest. So if new golfers come in here and read the post they understand that those numbers arent true and that the shaft info isnt true either.
  12. Here comes the name calling. Im not the one lying about ny Launch monitor numbers. I wish you understood how embarrassing that actually is.
  13. of course they dont hit it 180, they are just bad golfers finding out: "oh if I cant play I can at least try to hit my 7 iron longer than others, and if I cant, I just lie about it in some forum" haha
  14. For me it was perfect. I used to play a 35 7 iron for years. Then I went to a fitting cause I wasnt happy with not getting the distances I used to get. So I changed into a Ping i210 set and got my numbers back. So now my 80% 7iron goes 140, 90%145 and if I have to step on it I can go up to 150-153 (meters). But not very often I go all in on a 7 iron. Better to club up.
  15. I get what youre saying. But the world has changed. A lot of players irons have 33-32 degrees of loft now, but if youre not happy with that you can weaken them.
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