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  1. Newb question here but does this work for most sellers or only a select few? Thanks.
  2. I’m very excited to see how all this quick trigger aggression turns out.
  3. Are you suggesting that I provide pictures? It seems that there are a surplus of exclamation points being thrown around.
  4. Came to terms with the fact that I need a little more assistance than these provide. Still in great shape, though, they do have some chatter. These are 4-PW (+1/2 inch and 2* up) with KBS Tour 120 S shafts. I got these from Callaway preowned before the season. Will add pics upon request. Gripped with Callaway un corded stock grip. (Never got around to changing them.)
  5. Any idea what the tour ID sticker is saying about the club? Or is it just a serial number kind of thing?
  6. There is some sort of shaft iD band on it that looks like modern day tour issue ones. I’ll grab a pic when I get home.
  7. Anyone know if it is, in fact, a tour issue?
  8. Just acquired this. Brand new. Any idea it’s scarcity these days? Worth keeping around in this condition or should I throw it in the bag for a few weeks and see how it plays?
  9. Thanks. Went with the Austin. Can’t wait to get it out to the course
  10. I just rolled the dice on an Austin. Will report back.
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