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  1. I too play a 2016 M2 and I agree with the OP. I found a brand new one a few months ago and grabbed it. Very happy with it and amaze my club members on the distance I get.
  2. 41 Years old with wife and 4 kids, cant believe it.
  3. SwooshLT, I just picked up two brand new 2016 M2 drivers. Very hard to find. 9.5 and 10.5
  4. I actually just bought a new M2 driver yesterday as well. Looking forward to putting it in play.
  5. I wonder if they will show a set at the PGA Show in January like they did last year.
  6. I saw a picture of one of the pros playing black T100 irons. I forget who and what tournament oit was in.
  7. Does anyone know if Titleist is planning on offering the T seies line of irons in black? Like the AP 2/3s?
  8. I have the AP3 in black and played 3 rounds and nothing so far. Eventually they will wear but if you minimize your driving range on mats will help. The clubs take a beating when hitting on driving range mats. They have a beautiful finish, just need to clean them after each shot.
  9. I will take the 50 and 54, if your interested in selling just those 2. Chris
  10. Looking for the same question to be answered?
  11. That was quality golf at its best. The amount of putts that were made by everyone was just incredible.
  12. I have a set of Black Apex and have played 6 rounds with them and they are all marked up. I am a 4 handicap and pretty much hit the center of the face but this finish will not last long. Between bag chatter and dry sandy courses your going to see wear faster than you think. I like the black as it minimizes the big top line.
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