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  1. Hello GolfWRXers- I bought a face balanced tad Moore handmade. Haven’t seen many face balanced handmades if any at all. Seller sent me an email from Tad saying it was 1 of 2 made. Does anyone have any info on this? Specifically looking for an approximate value. Pics below. Thanks in advance, HighCut
  2. ^^^ What icecat said. ^^^ WHP #7 is the ?.
  3. Bumping this thread. Im in the same boat with a 60s. Wondering how much weight I need to add to the head...
  4. Did you have the pinseeker mode on? I have had no issues with any misreads with mine...
  5. The Caddyview V2 rangefinder is amazing for the price. Easy to use, well built, locks on fast... At the price point, there is no reason to look elsewhere. Only thing it doesn't have is Jolt, but that's not worth an extra $200 in my opinion. The pinseeker function does lock on fast even with my unsteady hands(cant for the life of me use a leupold!). Do yourself a favor and buy one from Costco. Best price out there and with the return policy, you have nothing to lose!
  6. OP is shady as hell. Was looking at purchasing a circle t from him(currently on bst). Said he would give me the name of the reputable member he bought it from. Asked him right from the start and was given some bs story. Asked him again to tell me who to ease my concerns regarding authenticity and he said he would tell me if I purchase the club. This guy should not be in the GolfWRX community!!!
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