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  1. Hello GolfWRXers- I bought a face balanced tad Moore handmade. Haven’t seen many face balanced handmades if any at all. Seller sent me an email from Tad saying it was 1 of 2 made. Does anyone have any info on this? Specifically looking for an approximate value. Pics below. Thanks in advance, HighCut
  2. ^^^ What icecat said. ^^^ WHP #7 is the ?.
  3. Bumping this thread. Im in the same boat with a 60s. Wondering how much weight I need to add to the head...
  4. The app hasn’t worked for me since last year. Each time I try it says please contact administrator. There is a button for contact us but I don’t have email linked to my phone. I do have the gmail app though. What’s the actual email address I can use for contact?
  5. Did you have the pinseeker mode on? I have had no issues with any misreads with mine...
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