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  1. Sorry thought I closed this ad all sold first day thx
  2. I really thought I’d be able to handle heavy shafts again but the tendinitis in my left wrist loudly disagrees with full swings with heavy shafts. So it looks like I’m sticking with steelfibers thus my new t100s are up for sale. These were purchased directly from Titleist plus .25 inches and one degree weak and a d4 swing weight. The set is 4-pw and has Golf Pride Titleist cord grips and ti s400 shafts. I’ve played four rounds with them. Price dropped to 875 Next item is a 718 T-mb with a graphite design tour ad-95x shaft. Club is clean but the ferrule is cracked (see pic)...sold sold Last item is a ts2 17 degree hybrid with a evenflow 6.5 100 gram shaft. This plays under standard, had to try after the TXG short hybrid episode. Sold sold shipped Only trades I’m interested in are the following: Sm8 raw 56 with s400 shaft TSI 3w or 5w with Ventus (s or x) or graphite design shaft (x only)
  3. Thx. Couldn’t find it and was wondering if he plays 45 how much an extra 1.5 inches factors into the distant gains.
  4. Does Matt always play a 46.5 driver or just in the video with the autoflex shaft.
  5. This listing is for a used set of P7TW irons 3-pw with aerotech i125 cw in stiff not the stock i95 offering. These were built by club champion with heavier swing weights, please see attached pic showing grip size, each iron’s length, lie, loft and SW and the condition of the irons. The irons show some bag chatter with the faces showing light wear (except pw that show some wear). Regarding the PW please see the single iron up close picture, the face looks like it is browning in the pic with the 7-pw but the close up pic is the same pw and shows wear not browning. $1400 shipped conus.
  6. This listing is for a set of yururi flat backs with the raw finish. The set is 3-pw plus 1/4 inch, standard loft and lie with super peening blue shafts in x. The shafts are new and this set was built by Chip at Usher Golf. The grips are z-cord mids and new. The 8i has seen two range sessions sub 100 balls. I removed the plastic off of the 4 and 7 just to check the finish but have not been used. The remainder still have the plastic on the heads with the head weight sticker attached. Honestly love the look and feel but life has limited golf to maybe once a month for me which doesn’t work well for blades. the close up pics are of the 8i. 1300 shipped. only partial trade interest would be a TS3 5w with an 80x or 90x ad-di shaft or clean set of 620cb
  7. What it isn’t magic made from rare metals fused with the souls of samurais then forged in dragon breath and blessed by virgins? ive played bb on off for a long time. I’m just curious if anyone has dropped in a shaft like a gd di or similar. and for your reference a mega-unicorn is a rhinoceros
  8. Yeah I would love a spb in there to match the rest but that isn’t an option. Guess I’m curious if anyone has stuck a hybrid shaft or anything in them. this will be my third set, I keep trying new things, selling my bbs but always come back. Will be interesting to play driver 1i-pw 56,60 and a putter. I’m just glad I found a full set of the the originals 1-pw
  9. who all has a one iron if so what shaft? I’m putting Nippon spb x 2-w but I can’t locate a spb 1 iron shaft or even a second 2i shaft
  10. I ended up gaming the p7tw after I ordered a set yururi flatbacks that never arrived so put on the back burner. Guess I’m meant to game baby blades since I located a new set of the original 1-pw
  11. Well I sold mine picked up a t22 limited sold that found another Nike new in the box new and will be gaming it until those little black inserts wear out
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