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  1. seems to miss the mark if it isn't reliable inside?
  2. I saw that too, I thought it was very odd way of writting it? 1/4 inch short?
  3. Thats pretty impressive, A slight variation of 1-2% is nothing. Hard to say which it spot on. I have used the PRGR as well and really like it. I do notice the odd swing speed jump where it matched the ball speed. Almost like its picking up the ball twice?? I see this maybe 1 in 10 shots.
  4. Very rare set, New, never hit 4-PW X-100 Vapor Pro's. Tour issue ,Oven serial number. Std lie ,1/2 over. Built for a Nike Tour staffer. Those who know,know these were the go to irons for multiple big time players, even after their contract ended. $895 obo... or willing to trade for new, like new tour issue drivers, SIM 2 max, Cally's etc 9-10.5 lofts X flex. Would much prefer to sell out right. Cheers John
  5. A good drill for impact position is to make half swings. Basically focusing on getting slightly more forward shaft lean while turning.
  6. Hi I have an all original JAT with head cover. Original grip, shaft etc. Putter is in good shape, a true gamer. 35 in, $300 plus shipping. Cheers John
  7. Odd that he is playing x in his irons and a couple wedges at TX?
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