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  1. If I cash in on this Finau ticket I might have to purchase ?
  2. For sale is a like new TM sim 3 wood. Club was in the bag for 3 rounds. Hit maybe 5 times. No range sessions. MINTTTT Aldila rogue silver 110 70x plays half inch over TM standard 3wood length. Golf pride z cord grip.300 shipped CONUS. SOLD HC included.
  3. Up for sale is a 2011(?), someone correct me if I’m wrong, Scotty Cameron Del Mar. 20g weight inserts making it 360 total head weightStandard length With a slim 3.0 super stroke grip. HC pictured included missing a cherry insert (see picture).tiny bit of paint has fallen out of the C on the sole. absolute minimal scratching. aside from the few paint issues this baby is mint. asking 300 200shipped . These things don’t loose value we all know this
  4. I have been looking for a replacement 5 iron to my MB2s for 3 years! So close
  5. I currently play Adams MB2 blades with KBS c-taper X 130 shafts. If I’m looking to build a new set of blades or “players” type of irons (low tech CBs etc etc) my question is this. Should I always build out my clubs with the C-tapers, or will different heads work better with different shafts? Essentially I’m wondering what the most important aspect of the shaft selection is generated from? My swing? So essentially if I’m bouncing between blade style heads or “players irons”, I shouldn’t have to worry to much about trying to find the perfect shaft again. Disclaimer I have Consistently gotten shaft optimizer numbers kicking back the C taper as the best shaft for my swing
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