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  1. Same as the last commenter for me. I have had the same Golworks branded bottle for years. I recycle and reuse the excess I catch in a container every time I regrip. Not sure how many sets the same bottle has done now...a lot
  2. Pm sent...not sure if you can check it though as I can’t seem to check my messages in this new format! I will take it if it’s still available.
  3. Willing to split the glides up? I already have a 56...
  4. Patrick Rodgers...when he was in high school. Watched that kid shoot under par every time the high school team I coached played against him for four straight years. No surprise he went on to an awesome career at Stanford and now out on the PGA tour. Great guy too. Never heard a single player say anything bad about him even as he was kicking their backsides.
  5. Any of you high school or college coaches out there have a lead on a good place to purchase solid mats and indoor hitting nets on the cheap? I want to buy some for my high school program this winter but our budget isn't that great.
  6. You might pull one head to check for a tip weight. Probably depends most on who had the clubs extended. If he was a guy who really paid attention to swing weight there is definitely a possibility that there are weights in them.
  7. Man I sure hope it doesn't. I'm really looking forward to being one of the retired guys I see at the course every day who does nothing but play golf for a little dough and hang out with pals. Having a full time job, responsibilities, and kids can really put a cramp on golfing freedom. As long as I'm healthy I can't imagine not having the drive to play.
  8. One of my HS players had his mom following along watching during a meet. An opposing player on an adjacent hole hit a huge slice over a hill, around a group of trees, and hit her square in the back of the hand on the fly. A golf ball size lump swelled up on it within a couple minutes. We got her some ice and she toughed it out, but she texted me the next day saying she ended up at the hospital later that night. She ended up breaking darn near every bone in that hand. That thing looked gruesome! I also had a former freshman player get hit right between the eyes with a six iron during another players follow through on a tee box. The iron tore him wide open...looked like a bloody cross on his forehead where the skin tore. He learned a valuable lesson that day about standing too close to another player while swinging. Who says golf isn't a contact sport?
  9. Been there too many times to count. Rounds over 10 strokes different in score from front to back just baffles me every time it happens. It happens though...can't explain it but it happens!
  10. Looks like you have plenty of life left there. I'd keep hitting them.
  11. Looks great, especially for a first try! I may have to make a winter project out of something similar. Making the paint fill come out correct is what worries me most about trying it.
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