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  1. All yours man. Give Walnut Creek golf shop in Westminster a dial. 2021 “My Girl” Limited Edition / RH 34” (In Plastic Bag) 2021 “Triple Black” Limited Edition / RH 35” 2021 “Triple Black” Limited Edition / RH 33” (In Plastic Bag) 2021 “Champions Choice” 5.5 Button Back / RH 34” 2021 “Champions Choice” Newport Button Back / RH 34” 2021 “Champions Choice” Newport 2 Button Back / RH 34” 2021 “Champions Choice” Newport 2 Button Back RH 35” 2020 “H2 Holiday” Blackout / RH 34.5” 2019 “T22” Newport 2 / RH 34” 2019 “T22” Fast Back 1.5 / RH 34” they have all of those for ya. I want to game it not frame it.
  2. Put my name down ages ago for the Champions Choice release from a local public course shop in my area (Denver) listed as a Scotty Partner and Titleist premium partner. This was 3 weeks pre sale and about 10 minutes after the press release. Chases up and never heard anything back happens to share a name with a place outside SF Anyways, today I get an email saying they have stock first come first served of some T22s, Champions Choice, and Triple Black model Scotty’s - email for price and sales start Dec 1 at 0830 I email, I guess stupidly expecting an actual authorized retailer is going to sell at retail nope $950 + Tax for the T22 $1200 + Tax for the Triple Black i know stealers (sorry, dealers) are price gouging cars now but this is some epic bull if the only local spot listed on Scotty’s own site is holding back stock to gauge it later themselves
  3. Yep this always make sure you add tracking and ask the buyer to mark as received when they get it
  4. Bit late I guess, but just went for a fitting at CC where it ended up between the Trono, the Speeder TR and the Accra Gold/Gary Woodland shaft For me the TR was horrible, felt very dead compared to the Trono. Hard to describe but the weight was just strange to me, felt all at the head but then the butt diameter of the shaft itself felt thick (even compared to the thicker accra). 5 swings and it was out Ended up head to head between the Accra and the Trono and actually in the end the Trono 75x was the best, just felt a lot more stable and I hit some absolute bombs with it. Got about .2 higher smash with it too, no doubt just trusting it a littelr better and seemed to not bring my heel miss in as much
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQMbCu2JxDv/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. The Tensei is a CK Blue 70TX sorry! not 75TX, that doesn't exist as far as I'm aware.
  7. *note to Mods, the IZ is NOT the same shaft as prior listing! Welcome welcome, to hopefully a very quick and very reasonable clear out of some extras. I sort of forgot I had a storeroom. My wife did not forget. So here we are. All prices shipped, trade bait lower down. The reason you opened this ad: Ventus Black 7x - Titleist Tip - 44" to end of shaft - $SOLD l HZRDUS Black RDX 70x - 42" Taylormade Tip - $110 Tour AD IZ 6TX 42" - $SOLD Tensei Pro Blue 75 TX 42" $SOLD Diamana Thump 100x Shaft, taken out from SIM UDI, grip tore and priced accordingly - 38" - $70 obo Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter 35" - used for 2 rounds and indoor - love it but have too many putters! - $200 LAB Golf/Directed Force Putter 34" - unsure of lie, but 2" upright from my ER2B if that helps - $SOLD Edel E-4 - 33" with brand new Edel Round grip - $SOLD PXG Gen2 16* 3 Wood - $SOLD Ping G400Max 9* - $SOLD All priced for quick sell, but if you feel something is higher than expected, DM me. Trades: Ventus Red 8x or 9x. Can't think of anything else I'd want right now!
  8. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yep! 7x in my driver, Blue HB 9x in my Sim2 Max HB and black 10TX in my Sim UDI - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Red 8-TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Sim2 Rocket FW only wood without a Ventus!
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