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  1. Picked the TSi3 up at lunch finally, long wait post fitting! Had time to kill so hit a bucket of balls too, prob 20 or so with it and hit a few switching back to my G400 Max gamer. All I can say is wow The sound is 14 out of 10. Goes like a bome and only missed one left. Denver (so altitude) but the range has a picker parked at 325 and I was carrying it/hitting it. G400 was landing short and hopping over. I can't wait to get this thing on the course.
  2. Dang this is nice. I usually hate camo bags but this is straight glwts
  3. Respectfully, this could not be further from the truth. Maybe pre launch monitors and science. Look at the launch angles on tour, even in windy conditions. High ball with optimal spin still wins unless it’s actually a gale force wind. for me a 3 wood is a club when driver is too much club not just when accuracy is at a premium. Doglegs, bunkers to lay short of etc. and second shots into par 5’s. All of those require control which a balance of launch and spin. If you want a low launch tee option play a UDI?
  4. I would highly recommend the Tensei AV RAW (or Just Pro) BLUE Recently got fitted into that, with the PXG Gen2 16 degree 3 wood head (they do a 15 and 16). As I wanted something that launched higher off turf, and did not go left. If you struggle with lefts, the PXG fairways are hard to beat, the weight in the toe and adapter set to PXG setting (slightly flat). Just a beast But that shaft is incredible. Loved it so much I put the HY version in my Sim Max 19* too FWIW I got the 75g TX in the 3w and 85g TX in the SIM. Driver SS is 119 and 3w 112
  5. Interesting. Seems weird given they are out there aftermarket. Oh well, will see how it goes!
  6. So after calling Titleist because my order status had not updated since the fitting on 11/05, they told me the club shipped today, which is great. One thing I did think was a bit annoying is that I asked for them to do the Tensei White in TX, which is listed on the site and even let me know if there's an upcharge option. But they just said they dont have it in TX and its shipped/built with X. How... I mean its not some mystery shaft, its right here: https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-raw-white Anyways... Still excited, but now maybe just sprinkling a dusting o
  7. Recommend you do what I did, get the Maltby blade head from golfworks for like 70 bucks, it’s actually a fantastic feeling head. Experiment with that and see how it goes for you, it turned into my surprise gamer
  8. Would love to sell together if I can as I don’t have my own shaft puller... it’s the admin really
  9. I’ve done exactly this with an Accra 125i iron shaft. After the tip snapped on my Pw I tip cut it down and fitted it to an anser style head would recommend it feels awesome. Still have it in my storeroom somewhere, swapped out for a 36” after tinkering with that idea a la Rahm
  10. Just had a fitting with Titleist here in Denver this morning. Driver only, as I just got a new 3w a week ago Put it up against my old faithful G400Max w Copper 70x tipped that nothing has really managed to beat out for me. All I can say is I was mighty impressed! Ended up in the TSi3 with the Tensei AV RAW white x (they're seeing if they can get me the TX which I prefer). For comparison, I'm a very low spin player in general, I use the Max with that shaft as its actually a sort of high spin combo to keep it in play. My base numbers on the G400 Max was 9.9 launch, 2400 spin,
  11. Sick course though. I loved it and actually had my best round of the holiday there, 71. The course I found nuts was Bayonet. Greens just ate me alive
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