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  1. Saw this on Instagram. Not sure if this is fake or real. Thought the 5.5 (although not like like JT’s) was supposed to be the JT inspired putter. If this is fake, or already mentioned somewhere. I’m happy to close this down
  2. Backing out of a BST ad and having to start from the top of the page again. Doesn’t seem to happen every time. But doesn’t happen enough to be frustrating
  3. Sorry. I accidentally hit save while I was still trying to finish up the ad. Everything should be up now......
  4. *Scotty Cameron Circle T Newport 2 Midslant -35” -Alignment on topline -no COA -Black Ping man grip -Great condition. Tried to get toe hang in pic -SOLD *Titleist JDM 2016 VG3 irons (5-PW) -Standard Length / Lie / Loft -5 iron has Nippon Modus Modus 105 Stiff -6-PW has Nippon 950GH Stiff -fully intended to put recoils in these but never got around to it -$550 *Titleist TS3 Driver -9.5* -Evenflow White T1100 65 Stiff -Plays just shy of 45” -Two weights: Standard & +2 Gram -Headcover included -Great shape. Only slight blemish will be a faded looking spot (must have cau
  5. PXG 0211’s Srixon 745’s SIM 10.5 Ventus VeloCore Black Scotty Special NP2 This list is looking sadly like it’s going to grow
  6. Ah, typo - got it fixed! Thanks. I’ve had it for awhile and can’t believe I’m letting it go!
  7. Work shut down has made me bored enough to finally sell some items that have just been sitting around Possible Trades would be: SIM 10.5 Newport T22 Special Select Newport 2 Depending on the Loft/Bounce, SM8 1.) Scotty Cameron Holiday H15 - $460 Shipped -Some paint fill changed to black. Originally planned to do dots in cavity but I’m moving on from this putter -34” -Original headcover 2.) Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Newport -SOLD -Torched Finish and Black Paint fill -Black Cameron Pistolero Grip with 2 extra wraps on lower hand -Originally 33” but added
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