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  1. You will be fine at 2* or less of adjustment.
  2. Looks like a ss3 slant neck version of the hexperimental they had out a year or two ago
  3. Wow, kasco vs tour reference! I forgot about those, I had the driver for a while, was a monster back them...
  4. I primarily use the edge of the disc and just go slow with light pressure
  5. A lot of times I use my larger grinding wheel, but when I use the dremmel I use one of the discs (dont know exactly which one it is, kinda looks like sandpaper but is firm) and just go really slow. Its never going to be perfect without a chopsaw but you can get it pretty close. I definitely have more control with the grinding wheel and just touch it here and there to even it out. The other thing I have done is clamped it flush in a vice and evened it off with a dremmel from there as well, just level off the imperfections.
  6. I have used a pipe cutter on the high side of my sharpie line and use either a dremmel or my grinding wheel to fine tune from there. It is pretty easy if you dont have room for a chop saw.
  7. Mint condition Kuro Kage XD 70 S flex shaft. Untipped, ion finish is flawless. The shaft is just a touch over 42.75" to the end of the butt cap. $139 shipped Thanks,
  8. MRC Tensei Orange 70TX 41.75", all lengths as illustrated below and is in mint condition. All measurements in the attached pics. I hit five balls with this and determined I just like my Pro White a touch better. This was ordered direct from taylormade specified untipped, but I am not familiar with the pro orange markings so I attached the pictures for reference. $old! Thanks.
  9. Yep. I dont mind the eye2 around the greens, it is really good out of rough and firm bunkers. I just get a bit concerned on fuller shots that it might dig a bit too much...
  10. Got these as a gift and they are not the right size, so I will pass them along as a deal. These are the concrete/navy color scheme, size 43. Brand new, tried on in the house once all tags, etc are in place. $old - these are $230 on ECCO. Thanks,
  11. I play the 50 and 56 in the ss grind and the eye2 grind 60. I find the soles on the ss are pretty versatile and I like the bounce on both. The ws looked a bit too big for me. For the 60, the eye2 is a fun grind but in reality I think I’d like just the standard 60 there too. The leading edge on the eye2 is sharp and I’d like just a bit more bounce. Fwiw
  12. Does the neoprene around the ankle get waterlogged or is that waterproof as well?
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