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  1. Agreed. I am playing Glide 3.0s with shafts that match my irons (Modus 130s) and I added weight to get them to match the callaway heads I was using before. They are really great all around wedges. To the OP's question about playing a cavity back wedge, I see no difference on any shots versus a blade wedge. The sole grind works really well. FWIW
  2. Agreed on Hazeltine. Plan on it being windy out there, and after a handful of holes they all run together.
  3. The two toughest I have played: Sandhills - played a few rounds out there, one with the wind up a fair amount...that was tough but a lot of fun. Eagle Point - fastest greens I have played, we played it long enough for my skill level, poor approach shots were not treated kindly...:) Beautiful course as well though.
  4. Vokeys are fine wedges but I switched to Callaway when their MD wedges came out years ago and played the glide 3.0s this year - haven't looked back.
  5. Nippon modus 105 s pulls, about as mint as you can get. I bought a barely used set of srixon zx5s and hit these once at the range myself. 37” 5 iron length descending in .5” increments. Mint tour velvet grips, there is just a piece of masking tape on the pw grip. $old
  6. This whoop live thing is so dumb.
  7. How are they working? I’m about to build the same set up
  8. Second swing will bend loft and lie on purchases without an issue, I believe it is included in every purchase on a basis level, add ons for more fitting options.
  9. Cool, looks like they will be ready very soon. I’d like to know the sole options for a 60…
  10. I am surprised these are advertised in golf magazine with a msrp yet nothing about timing of release...
  11. Yep, I find the W and the K pretty interchangeable, might like the callaway feel a touch more and seem to get a bit more spin. I think it is a really overlooked grind, it is very forgiving overall. Good luck with it!
  12. Callaway W grind would be pretty close regarding the sole and bounce. I am using an MD3 W grind 60.11 I migrated to from a Vokey K grind...
  13. Blue tees - 73.0/140 White tees - 71.2/136 Blue/white combo - 72.0/138 Course is a par 73. Mens league/member play is white tees. I occasionally play the combo course, but no need to go back to the blues for me...
  14. Agreed from the camera angles. I will be interested to see how many irons you can see the back muscle from address...
  15. I think they said no bogies in his last 31 holes...unbelievable performance and a class act...
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