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  1. Just an FYI that is not him, PJ is Patrick Joesph, Peter is different.
  2. City, State: Weston, CT Handicap: 7.2 Current Irons: Mizuno MP25 (3-5), MP5 (6-PW) (+1/2 inch, stiff) Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Heck yes, thanks for the opportunity!!
  3. No idea how this forum came up but I know him very well. When I was in college, I caddied for him in 2 NYS Opens at the Black Course, the Dodge Open (smaller event, somewhere in NJ) and even a Nike Tour event in PA (now web.com tour, he won one of those events, just not with me on the bag, missed cut that week :wink: ). I haven't seen him in many years. He is definitely a good instructor, less technical, more feel. Was a sick putter back in the day too, I would put that on the lesson list.
  4. Hi guys - I am looking at getting a new driver and started to demo a few. My SS is down a bit (crap back and age ?) to about 100-105, was about 5 mph more last year. Maybe just rusty. Anyway, was hitting the new cally EF SZ I’m stiff shaft and I was spraying it pretty bad, tried the other stock shaft and the same. They had an x stiff (hzdrs smoke I think) and my SS went to avg 97, I assume due to weight but my dispersion was WAY better. I have a shorter Jeff Maggert-ish 3/4 swing with fast transition. Some may say “jerky”. Would an X actually fit? Is it possible? Before I fully spend the stupi
  5. Color: Avalanche Hand: Right Loft: 9.0 Flex: Stiff Shaft: Project X Hzrdus Black 65 Length: 1" short Cobra connect grips Grip: golf pride tour velvet Thanks for the opportunity!!
  6. Seems like a great idea, I just don’t know if I could visually ruin my set. I play mizuno mp5-25 combo and that line, on the mp5 especially, would be hideous. As a training aid on a separate club I can see doing it. Pure vanity on my part, I know, but I just could not get myself to do it.
  7. If properly fit from old driver (less than 4/5 years old) to new one I would agree with you 100%, won’t happen for most people. Maybe with crazy high SS, like 115+ it may be possible but it would be close to the same % increase. Based purely on opinion, would love to be proven wrong.
  8. this, still use it. thinking of a refinish with BOS, anyone do an oilcan refurb from them? thoughts? Needs milling and worried about loss of weight, it is already VERY light by todays standards. such a classic look.
  9. Same, sometime swap 2 iron for hybrid but it usually goes back to 2 iron pretty quick. my wedges are 52 and 58.
  10. I bought 2 new Vokey SM7 wedges in November (52 and 58 deg), end of season sale, $100 each, souldnt resist as mine were several years old. Havent hit them yet, itching pretty bad since I use them a LOT during each round.
  11. Trade off ? The caddies can already help the player read putts,,,,,,,,,,,,, My mistake, I was referring the rule about caddies behind players when lining up a putt. You are correct.
  12. Not sure this is even a consideration for them. Why would they stray from an official rule of golf, by ALL the governing bodies. That tournament tries to be the very definition of what the game is, I just cant see how they go against it becasue they "feel" it is the right thing to do. Time goes on, things change, it happens. Or maybe they force the flagstick out but let a caddie help read a putt...interesting trade-off???
  13. Agree on the Apex MB, they look great too. I play MP-5 and definititely forgiving for a blade, dont need sweet spot 100% of the time. You definitely know when it is not a good hit but the performance loss is not too bad. MP-4, ugh, did not find that easy at all. For me if it was not pured it did not end up well. looks crazy good from address, it ended there for me.
  14. God I hate you, j/k. I am now 47 play to a 7.8 ( was a 6 when I signed on to this website, hence the name). I played in college, not a good one for golf but it was free golf at a CC so why not. Was a 4 hcp back then. I hit it further now then then for lots of clubs due to balls and equipment. Real balata balls went no where btw. Long story short I played with a kid from a college team this past summer. Good player, like a +1 or something. Skinny and not tall 5’10 maybe and 160 maybe and he KILLED the long ball, like stupid long. I hit a good one at 285 and he is 40 by me. At least. My SS is 1
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