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  1. Its quite possible that people hit a lot more fairways than me, but I feel like I was in something resembling a divot about twice in 50+ rounds last year in the fairway? Anecdotal sure, but it just seems like a problem that is very, very infrequent?
  2. our club replaced all the par 3 tee boxes with some sort of hybrid bermuda a few years ago - I've embarrassingly chunked at least six balls off the tee since it went dormant and the ground froze. Its absolutely brutal if you are a digger and hit it fat even a little bit.
  3. Yep, context is key here. If I'm standing on the street corner talking about my handicap, its my index. If I'm standing on a tee box, its the course index from that tee. If you switch around alot, I think you would say "I'm an X from the whites, Y from the blues, etc."
  4. For me, Ohio, we play a lot in the winter. The club covers carts and we have a heater. But sometimes I still walk. I usually go snowboard pants (especially those that have side vents you can unzip), toboggan, thermal undershirt, golf shirt, and snug down vest.
  5. This is what I have as well - obnoxiously big, but elevated, big enough to stand on, and full size holes. You can chip on them too.
  6. I'll check my garage for trades, but what beat out your sim/velecore red? My velecore red just arrived today and will be going in my SIM.
  7. a good drive? I hit it as far as I could and have a reasonable lie/shot into the green from there.
  8. I had snowboard pants on yesterday, wonder how that would fly - I would interpret Bermuda shorts to fall just above the knee, be of a certain material ("not athletic"), and not be cargo shorts?
  9. I have a PW (Ping BP) and 4 Vokey SM6's - 52, 56, 60, 64 (the 64 is a 60* bent). But the 52/56 to me are just extensions of my iron set. I also use the 60 & 64 for full swings, but they get the majority of the chipping duties as well. I go D/3W/2H/5-PW, then the 4 wedges. Give me more options at the top, because really how good am I going to be with a 4 iron anyway?
  10. I have a 52/56/60/64 - 52/56 are basically just extensions of my irons (PW2 and PW3). 60 and 64 I also use for full swings, but I'm using them for sand and chipping as well, with the 60 getting most of the work, and the 64 for speciality shots. My approach is this - with limited practice time, I want more "stock" options at the top of my bag that I can just make a full swing on and get a reasonably consistent yardage. Also I rarely hit my 5/6/7 irons more than 4 times a round - I'd much rather have clubs I'm comfortable with from 85-120 yards than from 170-200, because I'm not in
  11. 275/145, but I randomly had a similar epiphany the other day. Started hitting all my wedges with more of a 3/4 knockdown swing holding off the finish (I have a lot going on in my swing clearly) - lost about 10 yards, but just laser straight every time and very consistent distance/spin/ball flight.
  12. Comparison to Tyne Sigma - it feels heavier, but it might be the hang weight as my old Tyne is the "straight" while the PLD is the "slight". it looks smaller but its not that much smaller across the face, its more the tynes aren't as long. the face is seems to be hotter, as I hit a few puts with both.
  13. If you can't dunk a basketball you can't swing like DJ != if you can dunk a basketball you can swing like DJ. But yes, you have to have a very similar build to DJ to swing like he does, tall, lanky, long arms, and be athletic. So if you aren't that, then don't even try?
  14. Pretty easy to stop it - if a person wants to swing like DJ, make them dunk a basketball first on a 10 foot goal.
  15. BS - take the club inside (no clue why this works but it does). DS - Hit down on the ball I'm to the point that I know if I don't take the right route on takeaway I'm not going to hit a good shot, I've yet to put 2+2 together and actually stop my swing though.
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