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  1. I'll throw in another vote for Stance. Sometimes you can run into them at Ross for cheaper than MSRP. I bought a couple of pairs of the golf tab socks for $3.99 each.
  2. Maybe message them about the discrepancy and see if they would adjust the price. I was in the market for an individual iron to complete an iron set. I found it listed under a different, more current, model, thanks to the pictures of the actual product. It was listed at a higher price since it was under a more current model. I messaged them about whether the picture was wrong or if the iron was just categorized wrong in the chat option on the site. They took down my name and email and they researched. I believe they had to reach out to the warehouse or store front that had the iron.
  3. In the past we have seen Cobra come out with drivers that had an additional weight that could be placed in the draw position, last seen on the F8. I see with the RAD drivers, additional weights outside of the front and back weights are back, but in a fixed position. Was there any thought of bringing back additional movable weights to possibly set the driver in more of a more draw or fade bias? Also, while the masses won't be able to, are the fixed weights possibly something that tour players would be able to get different weights put into their drivers to be able to dial it in to their liking
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