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  1. Chappell you are a true gentleman and you gained a big fan in me. That was pure class.
  2. I'd say putter swing has a bigger impact when it comes to forgiveness. If you have a SBST stroke both the toe and the heel come at the ball at the same speed (or very close to it), then if you hit the ball off center it will not put much side rotation on the ball. With a slight arc the toe and heel has different speeds which will easier cause the ball to go off line with off center hits. A heavier putter will help with stability on off center hits if you have a very loose grip but not by much, weight is more important when it comes to feel and distance control. There are some models of putte
  3. The putter I used the last round.
  4. It's sad watching one of your childhood heroes steadily becoming a loser off the course. I will never forget his game but this is pathetic.
  5. "Specs on Jordan Spieth's @ScottyCameron 009 putter: 35", 350 grams, 4* loft, 71 degree* lie angle." Source is a writer for pgatour.com: https://twitter.com/...0345729?lang=en
  6. What a nonsensical argument. Just because it hasn't been the norm the clubs are a gimmick? With that attitude we would still be stuck in caves eating raw meat. With that said I haven't tried them but the concept looks amazing. 7 iron is the sweet spot in shaft length for me.
  7. I can waste hours here reading about different shaft profiles. This site has not been friendly to my wallet but I'm happier for it. :)
  8. If I were Nike I wouldn't want to pay the player if they are not fulfilling their endorsement end of the deal. Why if you were Nike care if they werent playing Nike equipment? They arent selling Nike equipment anymore. Why would you care about trying to sell it if you dont make it anymore. If Nike cant supply the equipment why is it the players fault. Hey that's great and and stuff I just wouldn't want to be paying you for it anymore that's all. I never said it was the players fault but nobody on earth would want to shell out money and get nothing in return. Nike will get their return i
  9. Since fitting is almost non-existent in Sweden I had to experiment to find what kind of putter was the right one for me. After figuring out that I was too concerned with what the putter looked like I devised a test for the stroke. I went to a store to get access to every conceivable putter model and lined up the ball and putter towards the hole. Then I focused incredibly intensely on the ball, total tunnel vision so that I couldn't even see the putter. Cleared my head so I had no conscious thought about my stroke then putted. Noted the result and did this a few times with different toe hangs
  10. Very interesting topic, sorry for the confusion about the PW. I always thought of it as an iron. I can see the argument for full shots but I aim for GW distance or chipping distance for layups. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking of droping my SW. I just don't know what I'd replace it with.
  11. Just kidding. But it's an interesting fact. Does the streamlined training when using one GW/SW and one LW make a difference or is it just a coincidence? I've been using a 52-56-60 setup all my life but I'm really curious about the 2 wedge setup. I don't need the extra wood but I could for sure need some help with my wedges. Maybe less tools and more familiarity with them is the way to go? What's your thoughts about 2 or 3 wedge setups?
  12. Best feeling in golf is flushing a GW with a low 3/4 power punch shot and spinning it back to within a meter. I'm walking towards the green slightly bent over forwards after that.
  13. 2 iron-Day will probably be the big name who goes after it and then whoever peaks that weekend.
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