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  1. tmurphy686

    Stuart, FL

    Looking to play 2-3 rounds within 45 minutes of Hutchinson Island in about a month or so. I know PGA Village is nearby but getting a tee time there while not staying on property is a bit more difficult. Looking for suggestions from $100 or less. Thanks!
  2. I have played this course at least 20x over the past 10ish years. They have had varying degrees of conditions but the layout has always been difficult and quirky. Depending on the tees you end up playing (let's call it the whites) then it plays very short and almost awkward because you won't be using driver a ton. Water comes into play in a few spots but its not overwhelming. When it first opened it had more trees and rough but they have cut down a lot of the hazards and the rough is generally short so your misses are not destroyed. If those greens are close to where they were when it first op
  3. Thank you for all of the suggestions. The downfall (while traveling from CT) is getting to Myrtle takes longer then getting to Florida in most cases. Not overly worried about the expense of the hotels/airfare but when you start paying $200 per round you better be on your A game and in early April being a Northerner that is a tough ask. I am thinking Arizona as we have done that in a while but then again we will look into the Myrtle/Kiawah/Pinehurst areas as well. Thanks Again!
  4. I have the American Classic III Blade Putter. Has no sentimental meaning at all but I do like it and putt well with it (most days).
  5. Has anyone used the Scotty Cameron Restoration service? If so: -Was it worth it (its about $300) -Should I just get a new putter for a few dollars more? -I can probably get away with just a new grip but the face has some minor dings etc. Thoughts?
  6. Looking for help for the best destination based on quality of courses, conditions of courses and weather. -Looking to travel within the month of April 2018. -Located within continental U.S. and not Florida! -Not looking for ultra premier courses but 1 throughout the long weekend would be preferred. -Average expense per round $100 with a special round more then that is OK. -Weather 70s+ for the majority of the day (not just the afternoon) -Trying to avoid Florida since we have been doing this for years and years now. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I ended up playing Mooresville GC and Ballantyne. Mooresville was fantastic - once they finish all of their non course renovations they should have a very nice place. The greens were in fantastic shape and hustled. The fairways were burnt out as it is off-season but played fair. Ballantyne was solid. They have some greens issues with bumpiness/dead spots etc. The fairways were in great shape. It had just rained the night before so some of it was wet, understandable but still played nicely. I was going to play a 3rd round but it was only a high of 52 so I went to the bar instead. Great
  8. Traveling down to the Charlotte/Huntersville area in about two weeks and looking for suggestions. I have found four courses based on other searches but would like maybe one or two "upscale" courses (but not ones you just pay, the course should be good too :) ) Mooresville Golf Club Verdict Ridge Golf Club Ballantyne Golf Club Rocky River Golf Club Thanks!
  9. Course review: World Woods (Pine Barrens) - good condition/fair price. WWs never disappoints and play ability was awesome. 8am tee time led to a solid pace and friendly staff. Southern Hills - Superb. Must play. I am a fan of Dye courses and we have one I play often in CT and this one had a large resemblance to it. Best conditions. Staff was awesome and the price point was great. Eaglebrooke- For my first time playing this course it remains on the long roto. Excellent conditions, good pace, great staff. WestChase- for what they charge you should be able to play 2x. Conditions were awful - st
  10. Anyone have any information on Lake Jovita - North? I get to book the tee time for this course tomorrow and am curious what course to pick! Thanks - this information has been fantastic!
  11. Ok last decision or questioning. Almost everything is booked with the exception of the last day. We are only looking at playing 18 holes but we want the ability to play an additional 18 if possible (without driving real far or the place has 2 courses). Lake Jovita The Eagles Somewhere else (not World Woods or Eaglebrooke - previously booked) Thanks again - this has been great!
  12. Point taken about River Hills... To be replaced with Waterlefe or The Eagles (Forrest) or Eaglebrooke. I saw the Westchase note and while we have played this course before it has a solid background in a few matches so we are going to keep it on the docket. TPC is too pricey (even at $139 Twilight ish). We have played it several times, very nice track, but going with something different.
  13. After listening to everyone and having played just about everywhere we came down to: Day 1 Westchase Day 2 World Woods (Pine Barrens) Southern Hills Day 3 River Hills Day 4 Fox Hollow Thank you for everyone's input! If there is a round in there that looks out of place let me know!
  14. I have been heading down to Florida for about 12 years now for an annual golf outing. The main area has been Tampa because of family but we have branched out and hit Orlando and Jacksonville on occasion. We are going to be down at the end of January. Here is where I am going with this - having played a bunch, if not all, of the nicer courses in the Tampa area we are trying to plan about 5 rounds with solid courses and possibly 1-2 on the higher end of spend. Day 1 - 1 Round Day 2 - 2 Rounds Day 3 - 2 Rounds The usual's always come to mind - World Woods (best price/conditions) / Lake Jovi
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