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  1. No question. I always get noticeably worse after hitting into a net. I just can't help it when I get the golf itch or want to experiment. Much better to do 30-yard pitches.
  2. Interesting, I stumbled upon this myself and I am a bit vertically challenged with long arms. Here is my theory: If the club is too low at address, it makes me lift my arms a bit on the backswing in order not to have a overly-flat swingplane. If I don't compensate on the DS, I get steep with a 2-way miss. Just an amateur theory but I was thinking that raising my hands at address just a bit keeps me from having to lift my arms - it makes it a simple turn back and forth motion and I seem to attack the ball from a shallower angle.
  3. When I was a junior, I sometimes used to grab a fairway wood if my driver was going sideways. My dad would rain down hell on me "Put that thing back and play the game right. You take the correct club for the job - PERIOD". To this day I still cannot pull out a 3-wood on the tee from the PTSD. But, I learned how to hit the driver.
  4. I transformed my game over the COVD break and prepped for an early spring tournament by just hitting 30 yard pitches and focusing on feels to hit it solid every time. Also, I found multiple 15-20 minute sessions of pitching per day (morning/evening), rather than a single marathon session greatly accelerated the learning. Carried right up through the bag - had my best tournament driving day ever after barley hitting a driver for months.
  5. I purchase my equipment entirely by feel and plain appearance, then make it work from there. I don't use monitors or anything because I can't hit drivers indoors. Any driver that is plain (hate color and graphics on my clubs) I will try, and I can fall in love or throw out a shaft in one swing. I swung the Cobra F8+ with a Tensei Blue Stiff shaft off the shelf and it felt and sounded great. I went to the range, played with the hosel and it was obvious the stock config was best. And that was it.
  6. I adore these clubs. I have even go so far as to have purchased 2 full MB and CB sets with the same specs, thinking I could "flow" them as needed based on the state of my swing. My observations: I hit the MBs better, more consistently than the CBs up to the 4-iron. 4 iron CB is awesome for me, then it's all MB. If I have the choice of one or the other definitely choose MB. I have them in PXi 6.5 and the combo is just so smooth.
  7. I just went to a driver fitting at True Spec. Great experience. My 3-year old stock everything gamer outperformed everything in the place - when the fitter did a search for comparable off-the-shelf shafts to the in-house aftermarket one that fit me, it was the exact shaft I had been playing - with the same hosel adjustments that I fiddled around with by feel. I thought - duh - I spent the last 3 years learning how to hit this shaft and head, developing the exact feel for what I have to do with my swing - why in the heck did I think I would hit another setup better?
  8. Im not an instructor by any means but is that tipping back/shallowing move you have at the top opening the club face too much? Then you need to stall to square it up? I just wonder because it looks similar to someone else I know who does this and it helped him to keep more club face awareness when doing that shallow move which opens the face - either add the motorcycle wrist move or think of pointing the club face to the ground momentarily from the top as a feel.
  9. When I stumbled upon the correct iron shaft for me, my iron ball striking and accuracy took a huge leap forward. I picked up a set of Cobra MBs with Project X PXi's and my ball striking (accuracy and consistency) has never been better. The odd thing is I cannot for the life of me hit either a regular Project X shaft OR a Cobra Mb with another shaft, but together, they are magic for me. Also can't hit an extra stiff in any other shaft but I play a 6.5 in the PXi's and they are perfect. I actually bought an extra set of shafts to keep on hand since they dis
  10. Tyler Ferrell - Academic approach Jake Hutt - Jock approach Larry Cheung - Clear explanations and a great eye
  11. Gankas G Box Adult Version New condition. Never used. SOLD
  12. I think pros are so otherworldly in terms of distance and ball-striking, it is not clear that their habits/tactics fully transfer. This video is an amazing lesson on the on-course habits and thoughts of a pro player that more approximates the what the average WRXer would deal with in terms of club distances. The thoughtful approach of this pro to every shot are extremely insightful and achievable and all in all great advice to be a "smarter" golfer..
  13. WOW. Thanks OP this video is incredible. This really clicks because I have chronic issues with my hips misbehaving in my pivot and have been told/instructed over and over by various coaches to "turn more". This makes a ton of sense, and its kind of consistent with what is said about the trail leg in the backswing "let it straighten" to enhance the hip turn. I was once instructed to hit balls off a thick yoga mat, and that helped with my pivot to achieve what this thought is accomplishing, but I couldn't transfer the feel when I was off the mat. This is it.
  14. Bought these 2 wedges and hit a few balls in the backyard. Too many wedges! $165 shipped for both
  15. Tour Striker Planemate Perfect condition. Used once. SOLD
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