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  1. I like that backyard platform setup. Great idea. At first I thought you were going to fire it into the woods.
  2. He can be a little grating at times but I am grateful for the content as it introduced me to some interesting concepts. Even though he can be a little cringe with his instructors, I do appreciate someone so devoted to the game and sincerely trying hard to improve. I gather his personality probably leads to self-sabotage. Also a good reminder that "golf is hard" physically and mentally.
  3. Made a GREAT discovery and wanted to share her content. keunhwa_857 on Instagram. KLPGA pro who does silent videos demonstrating “good” and bad” moves. This is INCREDIBLY effective! No confusing verbiage, terms, jargon to get in the way. I had so many “aha” moments looking over her videos because there are NO descriptions to get in the way. I showed one of these videos to my junior who has been struggling with his takeaway and been to instructors that confuse the hell out of him with their verbiage. Right after he said “I got it now”. Bravo! https://www.instagram.c
  4. I completely changed my driver game just by playing with tee height. I came across a video of Tiger Woods talking about his tee height and it stunned me. He mentioned how low he tees the ball and for him, it's even uncomfortably high compared to what he is used to. When I saw it, it was WAY lower than I generally tee it. Point being, it totally helped the quality of the strike, and even increased launch for me. Because there is a tendency to do some screwy things to lift the driver head to attack a ball on a too-high tee, including flipping and shutting/delofting the club. It was diffi
  5. When my driving range closed due to COVID, instead of going the range, all I did was chip and pitch in my backyard committing to finding reproducible technique and it transformed my game. It's not just "practicing" - it's a process of trial and error to find the feels and technique that work best for you to maximize your consistency. I would constantly hit 10 balls and make little changes and adjustments, figuring what technique/feels gave me the best % out of 10 until I hit on my current method.
  6. There is a video with Brad Faxon doing a clinic, and it's a long video, but at one point around 5 minutes he says: Paraphrased: "Ben Crenshaw said whenever he is struggling with putting, he says he makes his stroke longer, make his follow through shorter and allows his head and knees move" . He discusses how weird this sounded to him and speaks through the reasoning. Sounds pretty much what the OP is articulating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsphF590gYc
  7. Mizuno 921 Forged 4-PW - Excellent, barely used condition - only used only 2 rounds GREAT clubs, I just went a little crazy this winter with the club buying Specs: KBS Regular 110 shafts, 1 degree flat; -0.25"; ALIGN Grips Price: SOLD
  8. I was wondering if folks who have made the switch to a "tour length" driver setup generally go to a more flexible shaft to offset the effects of shorter length? I have been on a constant quest to get the length of my driver to a more manageable length shaft, but in the 1 or 2 unsuccessful experiments I tried, I ended up with a setup that felt way too stout. I tried putting my fairway wood shaft on my driver as well to experiment with a shorter regular shaft and that was a fail as well.
  9. I just hit a bunch of drivers at my local PGA Tour Superstore looking for a little more consistency and avoid a left miss. I dislike hitting drivers indoors, but I gave it a shot. Tried Cobra Radspeed (Current gamer Cobra F8), Titleist, Tour Exotics, Ping, Didn't even try TM or Callaway - just don't get along with them at all. The ST-Z hit it as far as the longest drives with the Titleist and Radspeed to within a yard but with a 3/4" shorter shaft, which I really liked. As a result, I had great feel with it and therefore could probably develop a good consistency with it. I am 5
  10. Mizuno M-Craft 1 putter. Always been an Anser-type player but this flow neck just fits my eye so well with great feel.
  11. Jake Hutt Larry Cheung Other guys are probably great but Ive looked at a lot of videos and instruction and these are the only guys that explain stuff in a way that I can apply to the range/course.
  12. I would say the "correct" release is the one that gets me into a forward shaft lean, turned hips condition that makes for a much more consistent strike - as opposed to what I was doing where I had a cupped left wrist right after impact. I suppose I have to write "correct for me" to not go down the semantic rabbit hole.
  13. After years of working on my swing in earnest and learning all I can about how my swing works, I can say one of my big time-wasting mistakes was subscribing to the idea that all you can control is backswing and transition, so that's all I work on. I spent YEARS following advice to get into the correct backswing positions. Did it help? - yes. To an extent. But recently I was instructed on how to correctly release the club and train my hands, hips and turn through the ball. It immediately paid dividends, because I could now understand what conditions to get into in my backswing a
  14. I am not a golf instructor by any stretch, but I have been trying to help out my junior with the same pattern. Basically same deal. Everyone says "swing to 1st base", "Don't hit the noodle/alignment stick", etc. You can band-aid it a bit on video that way. Then, Dan mentioned that this pattern is set in the first part of the takeaway. He recommend a fix that focused not on fixing the downstream effect, but working on the cause, which was an inside takeaway. Feels included keeping the clubbed outside the hands (imitating Matt Wolff), and the alignment rod in the grip drills you
  15. Agree on sticking with what works. Went to a driver fitting at True Spec golf thinking I could do better than my Cobra F8, and I got fitted into the same shaft and head. Also, I love the way the all-black cobra F8 looks.
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