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  1. https://www.golfnet.ie/news/golfnet/4645/gui-ilgu-recommend-all-clubs-and-golf-facilities-to-close
  2. At the time of posting there are 85 confirmed cases in the UK with 3 in Scotland - one each in Ayrshire, Grampian and Tayside. Can't see it becoming any more dangerous here than in the US. I'd sooner be out on the golf course than in any confined space other than my home but as of Monday I've decided that meantime I'll no longer shake hands at the end of a round. (Have you noticed how enthusiastically noses run when your playing in the wind and how casually fellow golfers rub at them with with or without a tissue?)
  3. Stuff the R&A and USGA. I care nothing for how satisfied they may be. it's a ridiculous rule. The OP asked which rule I would wish changed. This one! It's stupid, unenforceable and divisive.
  4. Forgive me if this has come up in this thread already, (I scanned it and it seemed mainly to be about divots and ob) or elsewhere on the site. I'd get rid of the anchoring rule simply because it seems, practically, unenforcable. For what it's worth I used a belly putter to good effect for a while and if it were legal I'd go back to it now and again just for fun. But I have an issue around a guy I play with regularly, who is more than an acquaintance but less than a friend, who uses a long putter Langher style. My strong suspicion is that he anchors at least from 10ft in but, realistically, how
  5. My G400 which I love has made way, periodically, to a Ping i15. The 400 is more forgiving but the i15 is beautiful and more rewarding in every way when well struck.
  6. Royal Aberdeen and Murcar Links are adjacent. The 11th tee at RA sits next to Murcar's 3rd green and Murcar's 4th tee is on RA property. If you play in Aberdeen on the Tuesday you could take in Cruden Bay or maybe Moray Old the following day as you travel north to Dornoch
  7. Titleist TS1 (I'm old and slow) arrived 10 days ago after a Titleist fitting day where it was suggested I could get an extra 10 yds. Played 18 holes at my home club where it proved consistently 15 yds shorter than my Ping G400. It was so clearly shorter that I immediately decided to sell it. Best price I could get (unmarked and as new) was £250 agains a purchase price of £400. Hit it 15 times so it worked out at nearly £17 per strike. First Titleist driver I've owned. I won't be rushing back.
  8. Maybe a naive question but I'd value advice. For 2 years I have played and enjoyed using a 9* Ping G400 driver set at stated loft. I don't hit it more than 220yds at best (I'm 68- play off 10) but I hit in excess of 70% of fairways in regulation. My stock shot is a draw and I don't want to change that. Now, a couple of weeks ago I (literally) inherited an 11* Ping i15 in mint condition. It's a beautiful club and I'd love to put it in the bag at least now and again. Unfortunately it has a stiff shaft so I plan to have Ping change that to a regular Alta CB as in my G400. From all I've read
  9. "Sunningdale" or "2 up" is fun. Matchplay. Four ball, better ball format. Once a pair goes 2 down they each get a stroke a hole until it returns to one down. Consequently, it's difficult to pull too far ahead. Matches aren't settled 6 &3 or 5&4. More often than not, they go to the seventeenth or eighteenth. And face it, matches that are won with 3 or 4 or 5 holes left to play are enjoyed only by the victorious pair.
  10. If you plan to play links golf you should prepare for tight lies as well as soft sand in pot bunkers. At least one wedge with fairly generous bounce may come in handy.
  11. Ping and Callaway at least.
  12. Started using the line after finding this. Transformational as far as my putting is concerned
  13. Maybe try google? http://www.truecustomfitting.com/tom-wishon0.html
  14. Theraband worked for me, and fairly quickly too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TheraBand-Tendonitis-Strength-Resistance-Tendinitis/dp/B000KGIBQO/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=flexbar+theraband+us&qid=1561668721&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
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