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  1. Yuck

    Building a stance?

    I got it. Left foot is clearly just dug in. Question was whether the right foot is just dug in, or was sand displaced from the left foot built up under the right foot enough to be above the original level of the sand, I agree that was not likely. A different angle would be needed to see that anyway. Also, the process to “build up” would have been visible, so very unlikely on tour. Craig Stadler was probably the last pro ever penalized for that rule. (Towel gate)..
  2. Back in the day this was not allowed. Have recent rule changes made it ok? This was Villegas on the 6th hole today. Steep bunker face, stance built up enough to place both feet on the same level. I had thought you could fairly take your stance and then wiggle you feet enough to dig in and gain purchase. If I had done it, my right foot would have been significantly below my left once I had dug in. I assume I am wrong, so what is the rule now?
  3. S55 @ 47, 52, 58. 3w, 5w, 3i or 21 degree hybrid depending on wind. Sounds to me like you could use a 5 wood.
  4. I think if you overlay all the tracer’s for Sungjae’s drives on one screen, you have a single thick line, starting 5 yards left of center and finishing on the sprinkler line. Never seen someone hit their driver that much straighter than their irons.
  5. If DJ eats 1 sandwich, that particular green jacket won’t fit...
  6. I did not realize Sungjae’s short game was that sharp. Congrats to DJ & gutsy performance by Cam Smith.
  7. Impressed with how Im and Ancer are hanging in there. Looks like DJs to take but we have to remember there is a reason he has only won one major. DJ is very talented, but so was Davis Love.
  8. Yuck

    Stiff or X?

    I was a longtime X player who is now in steelfiber i95s. I am slower than I once was, but my 35 degree 7 iron ball speed is still in the 122 mph range. I never feel like I overpower that shaft, but there are several “S” flex steel shafts that definitely get noodle-y on full shots. For the driver I dropped from X to a Tensei Pro Orange in S without issues. My X shaft days are behind me. So is the tendinitis.
  9. Thanks, I will wait till I can demo on grass. I have no need for 185 yard 7 irons, so I might put some traditionally lofted CBs in the mix. The S55s are the most forgiving clubs I have ever had, but I am intrigued with the forgiveness of the new stuff If I can control my distances.
  10. Currently playing S55’s 1 degree weak with steelfiber i95 S straight in. 7 iron is at 35 degrees and is normally my 165 club at sea level. Stopped by golf galaxy today to see what the new stuff looks like. I hit some mizunos, t100 and p770’s. KBS 120 in the p770 and $-taper in the t100. Below is a snapshot of the last two and the numbers make no sense to me. I am not a low spin player, in fact quite the opposite, but the spin numbers are very low. The efficiency seems to be a plugged in number, because I had a mix of Mis-hits and solid shots. The yardage is way longer than I hit it in
  11. I had purchased a used Sic Armlock putter and the loft/ lie did not fit my stroke. I called Sik and explained my situation and they offered to help. I stopped by their HQ today, and even though they were very busy, Marc took the time to listen to my situation and check the putter specs. I needed the putter substantially more upright for my physique, so they offered to try to bend it, or replace the hosel if needed. After making the adjustments, they offered me guidance on setup and other issues with my action. Feeling pretty good now and looking to take it to the course. I really apprec
  12. Great job by Carlos. Noticed he still has S55’s in the bag. Nice to see a potential first time winner not choking down the stretch.
  13. I think Carlos Ortiz will join this thread. Another win for S55’s!
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