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  1. It is official. I have reduced my USGA index by more than 50% since Feb 1. Keep in mind my putting had been horrible for years while my ball striking was ok. I now average less than 34 putts a round, including a couple rounds under 30 putts. Last year, it was not rare for me to have more than 40 putts in a round. The key for me was going to armlock, and making most of my 2-4 footers. I now feel I have a chance to get back to scratch in the next year barring injury. Thank you Obee for starting this thread. There is hope.
  2. What’s in my woods? They are filled with my golf balls when I tried the Modus 120.
  3. Using non adjusted handicaps in a casual match is ok if the handicaps for both teams are within a couple of each other, or high is close to high and low is low. to low. But in that situation, playing at 90% would not change anything anyway.
  4. I played the 09’s back in the day and I liked them. One characteristic I really like was the CG on the short irons was higher up than on the 07’s. This helped me flight down the 8,9,PW when required. Also, since I am fairly steep with short Irons, I felt I found the sweet spot a bit easier. Great set of irons. Good looking satin finish.
  5. Edwin Watts still has 90 day returns I believe. Should be more than you are asking if they were new.
  6. Rahm was the only one in the field to light it up Sunday, but he was way too far back. He did leave 2 or 3 shots on the course, but even a 63 would not have done it. He has a talent for backdooring top 10s.
  7. Still gaming S55’s. Pretty darn forgiving, but profile is not huge.
  8. Good Pick. Mike is a capable leader.
  9. S55, 34 degrees, 165 carry. i95 S. In most conditions carry within 1 yard +/- of total distance.
  10. I carry a 21 hybrid on windless days and a 3 iron on breezy days. Also a poorly struck 3 iron is less crooked than the same lofted hybrid. That being said, I can hit the hybrid high enough to bring rain and stop in its ball mark. Cannot do that with even a well struck 3 iron. Finally, old, blade 1&2 irons had narrow enough soles, you could hit a cut sky high with almost no shaft lean. Modern irons have such wide soles, that shot just is not possible except off a tee or fluffy lie.
  11. All those defending DJ for picking up a putt that was not conceded. Would you have the same opinion if it was Sergio, Rahm, Bryce, Reed or whoever the hate club designates as scapegoat of the week? I agree with those who say Na did nothing wrong. DJ got beat.
  12. 1. Parrish, FL 2. 4.8 3. Z Star 4. Yes 5. Vice Pro PLUS, TP 5, Bridgestone tour BX 6. Feel 7. Yes
  13. I had the same challenges with the odyssey. Went with Sik @ 78 degrees with 7 of loft. Now setup is comfortable. If you normally putt with bent elbow or ball well outside of eyeline, then a flatter lie could work.
  14. I would prefer tour players carry their own bag, Rake their own bunkers etc.. Do away with the arbitrary 14 club rule. If they can carry 25 clubs, let them at it. All supplies must be in bag to start round. If you run out of balls, tees, fluids etc, too bad. Make Sundays 36 holes. Ratings will go up with the “Survivor” angle. I went from carry, to Pushcart about 3 years back. I walk almost all rounds over, 120 a year. As an obese 60 year old in August FL sun/ humidity, and no water on the course due to Covid, carrying was not reasonable. With a reflective umbrella and plen
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