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  1. I have also noted about a 4 or 5 yard increase relative to my S55’s, which had same shafts and lofts. I just chalked it up to an exceptionally hot summer. Everything is staying in the air forever. (Florida)
  2. Still happy with the TCB’s. Getting lots of good birdie looks from all irons. Lofts are in line with what I have played for years and forgiveness is superior to S55 & 716 CB’s with the exception of a low toe strike. Very forgiving. I like the more rounded profile, offset and sole grind. Kind of reminds me of a forgiving version of my old Bridgestone J33 CB for those old enough to remember those.
  3. I assume it was a fairly close vote. Case could be made on either. Both had outstanding seasons.
  4. In the early Days of WRX I posted that I thought Anthony Kim would never win as much as Kenny Perry. I got a lot of criticism on that thread. The jury is not in just yet, but I think I got that one right.
  5. Kevin has been cashing lots of checks and is now 27th in Career earnings with over $36 million, Right behind Bruce. Although Kevin is 37 years old now, does he have a chance to end out ahead of both Fowler and Koepka on the Career $$$ list? In 2022? For entire career?. With Kevins money making consistency, Bruce’s injury prone weakness and Ricky’s fall off in form, I think this is possible.
  6. I’m probably just bitter because I was about 5 penalty shots, plus a couple three putts from local qualifying. Another words, not even close.
  7. Worse than playing with an insufferable douchebag is getting drummed by one. Great golf talent can be found even in the dregs of humanity.
  8. Tough ending for Aphibarnrat. One good swing on the 17th and he was the winner. Where has his game been? He looked like he did when he was a top 30 OWGR player.
  9. It has already been said a few ways. Bryson has always been a winner. As a kid, as a Collegiate, as an Am, as a pro. Any body type, any swing, he was still going to find ways to win. The added yards have elevated his “A’” game, but probably not helped his “C” game. That Gap is keeping him from contending to be a number 1 player. Rahm has a much smaller gap between his A and C games.
  10. Those guys who were “good in the locker room” always gave me the creeps.
  11. Odd situation for POY. Cantlay has 4 victories, but in two of those, Rahm was further under par.
  12. Brooks has spent more time in his short career injured than Montgomery, Stadler, Calcaveccia and Floyd combined. Fragile or unlucky, has become the new Jason Day.
  13. If Na shoots in the 60’s and holds on to 4th, Stricker really should consider him. Kevin can still be a factor on a long course.
  14. It is bad to speak ill of the dead.
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