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  1. For those who tend to end up with Aftermarket S shafts, I have a potential alternative. I dropped from X to S a decade ago as my ball speed dropped for the low 170’s to the low 160’s now. Most recently I had been using a Tensei Orange pro in a 60S / 70S for Driver / fairway. This was a great shaft for controlling the lefts and spin / launch were manageable. I was happy. I won a Callaway Epic Max LS in the US open contest last year and just ordered it with a no upcharge Tensei Blue S. When I tried it out, it was an absolute noodle for me, not unlike an Evenflow Blue S. I sent it back and decided to try the same shaft in an X flex. It was like magic. Launch and spin were where I wanted them, Dispersion was good. Almost felt like the original Blue Board “S” from many, many years ago. For all practice purposes, this “X” shaft behaves like a premium “S” shaft. I don’t know if my experience is unique, but it might be worth a try. I feel this shaft in an X is slightly softer than the Tensei Pro Orange in an S flex, and much cheaper. (They are not alike in profile as the Orange pro is counter balanced, but is was a workable alternative.)
  2. We have our answer. Solid play by Derrick. 18 was a long hole for an older lady today, Based on this, I assume the 4 capper would have finished 10-15 shots behind for the 4 round total.
  3. I guess we will find out on national TV Sunday. We have several tournament experienced scratch, Male, ex pro athletes playing the same tees and conditions as a retired 51 year old LPGA pro. Playing at 6600 yards or so, cold conditions, tough greens. Could be interesting. Watching this unfold makes me wonder how the “Can a 4 handicap…” thread ever even existed.
  4. RIP Meat Loaf. He was on the radio during some key formative experiences for me as a young man. The Bat out of Hell album was a classic. At least to.me.
  5. Is there any danger of making a club non-conforming when you use a groove sharpener?
  6. Another vote for Crossline cords. If you don’t like mushy grips, the GP Zcords work as well but I get at least 3 or 4 times the life with Crossline Cord, I am ok the the feel of GP MC or Tour Velvet, but they start to loose the feel pretty quickly. 200 rounds in, Crossline cords still feel like day one. With GP, I seldom got 50 rounds before having to regrip.
  7. So by this Standard, 2 US opens and a Players Championship gets Lee Janzen in?
  8. I don’t find it much different regarding my wedge needs than other Florida courses in the winter. Low bounce 52 and Mid bounce 58 with heel relief.
  9. As far as the OP’s list. I think Bryson can pull down a PGA someday if they continue with bomber set ups. I think Koepka is done as is DJ. Neither will see #1 in the world again. I see Morikawa, Hovland & Rahm as the future as far as OWGR is concerned. Rahm does not even need a good closing percentage as he is there almost every time he plays. One of the few players who top 10’s on off weeks. Sanjae IM will stay in the top 50 for a couple more decades, win $50 million plus and add a few more wins. Rory continues to have the potential to win anywhere when his stars line up, but I will be spotty. Not sure on Cameron Smith yet. Not sure if the wide fairways freed him up, or he has found something with the Driver. He puts it in the short grass, he can win anywhere.
  10. I thought the OP was Drive Right Putt Left for a moment with the Cantlay prediction. Then I saw he predicted Spieth would at least win something, so I know I am wrong.
  11. Regarding the greens books. I assume there is no rule against memorizing them. If you deduce the correct pin locations and spit the memorization 50/50 with the caddie, it is doable for a subset of the players.
  12. Rahm is kind of like LeBron. He seemed old even when he was 18 -19.
  13. Great Performance by Cam under the gun.
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