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  1. Have purchased many shafts from eBay over the years & have always had good luck. The vast majority have been used shafts. Always look for reputable sellers. Really look the description of the shafts & the pictures. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you come across a seller that does not give good answers to questions, it's a red flag for me. The biggest thing is if the shaft has been tip trimmed. Most of the sellers I honestly think now on eBay do not really know. With some computer work, you can usually find out the length of an un-trimmed tip. You can usually find what t
  2. Never gonna happen. A 7 footer will make way more money in the NBA.
  3. Majority of the time I am in my cart. Have a club/ball cleaner attached to it. Have a wire brush from Dollar General. Always get one towel wet before starting a round. Plus I have a groove cleaner in my pocket that gets used plenty. I suffer from SARS, (severe anal retentive syndrome).
  4. I would answer this with two words that many of you might have to google.....Calvin Peete. For more modern times....Jim Furyk. Does not matter how it gets there, it's the end result that matters.
  5. Another one to back up the long iron users. I spent 4 years trying to get hybrids to work for me. Now they are going to someone else this season. My 2 iron is a Ping Eye 2 BeCu with a PX LZ Graphite shaft. That is used on a minimum of 2 holes on my local course. I could not get any consistency with the hybrids. With a long iron, I can tell right when I hit it exactly where it will be going. I am coming up on 63 years old now. Maybe later in years I might try hybrids again, but right now not worth the aggravation.
  6. Thanks...this is a nice tip! Could see using PCV pipe & having one end sealed with a plastic cap on the other end. That way you can reseal the pipe to save the solvent for using several times over a season (up until too much junk builds up anyway).
  7. Check your divots. If they are deepest in the toe end, upright lie would solve that. Just hitting on the toe will likely not be solved going to an upright lie. Most likely it is a swing issue.
  8. Titleist 735 165 yards PZ LZ graphite 5.5 (?), shafts are 5.0 hard-stepped once, so depending on various charts they are 5.5 to 6.0
  9. I am in the same boat. A size 9 with a foot that is barely a C width. Adidas & Asics golf shoes seem to give me the better fit for a narrow width foot. The insoles for me work far better that thicker socks, or even 2 pair of the thin ones. The thick insoles can get kind of pricey. If you just want to experiment first, get 2 packs of the cheap insoles from WalMart, Dollar Store & the like. They are usually just a buck a pack. I have found that 2 of the cheap insoles are the equivalent of the better made thicker insoles. They just do not last that long. Pepperturbo m
  10. Just to toss my 2 cents in on this. I have a slower backswing than most people. This is what helps me in keeping my body in the proper "sequence" for an effective swing. If I get a little to quick on the backswing, the whole swing will feel like I am just "hitting" the ball. It usually feels like an all upper body swing. Moving the hips is what is my start of the downswing. If I take the club back too quickly, seems like I can never shift my weight in the hips when I need to.
  11. Sorry to hear @juliette91 that it is something that cannot be corrected. The one bright spot is at least you have a good explanation of what is going on. There are 8 bones in the wrist. The lunate is not part of the SST, but it is right next to the scaphoid. So guessing bone fusion is about the only surgical option they have. Still hope you can find something to at least get buy. Just thinking, some of the braces that really restrict wrist movement may give you a slight idea of what it might be like after such a surgery is done. Best of wishes with the wrist! One my end, th
  12. Read over that this winter. Will admit to being too lazy to come up with building the apparatus & a way to measure the arc accurately. So I just went with: Approximate equation for Moment of Inertia Here's a similarly approximate equation for the moment of inertia of the club around an axis at the butt. MOI is the most physically sound measure of heft, the quantity that resists turning the club from cocked to released. Where: Again, we have some notes about the approximation: The mass of the head is approximated to be a point mass at the length of th
  13. Had been PX steel 6.0 1ss or 5.5 for many years. Trying to take it easier on my hands I had switched to PX LZ graphite last season, 5.0 so 1 hardstep. Took a little while to get used to the LZ. Has a different feel that regular PX. Learned to slow my transition just a little. Have better dispersion now with the graphite than I did with steel. I did try the PXi shafts a few years ago. Using these in the past may have helped me a little with the change over to graphite. I had to change the transition back when using the PXi shafts, so went with that not too long after starting
  14. Right there with ya on how helpful those members are when it comes to every aspect of fitting. Had help this winter on converting my irons using Tuttleman's formula for MOI. Last weekend had the chance to get out both days to the range. The course here is not to even open until April. Hit well over a 100 balls each day. I am not one of the nest machine gunner types on the range, so each day was a good 2 hours on the range. Last time I was able to hit a ball was November, so it is just working on the tempo, rhythm & body movement. The transition is usually the very first
  15. With the gallery drinking beer, what can go wrong?? My own thoughts on it are that they also make pants that breath las well as the shirts. Just too many bad images in my head at hallowed ground like Augusta.
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