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  1. Been there....in the area where they have things like dishracks for drying dishes....got a small container for basically washing dishes in. Would dump ice in it & put at least 2-3 inches of water in. I could put both hands in it at the same time. Another reason I am happy to have the pharmaceutical (meloixcam). Before that, the WalMart brand (Equate), aspercream would work just about as well as the ice bath. But the Equate stuff would last longer & provided some pain relief. Where as the ice reduced the swelling (inflammation), much faster.
  2. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis many years ago. Rheumatologist back them had me try glucosamine/chondroitin (nothing else in it). Have been taking it daily for 15+ years. In the morning when I get up, all body parts are in agreement...we are moving this way. Previous two years have been having trouble with the hands. Tried many over the counter products to get by. Finally got started on meloxicam this spring. Wish I had started it much sooner. I had not been able to make a fist with either hand for close to two years. Now can do it with no problem. The biggest trick is finding what works for each individual. When you find something that works, stick with it (so long as it is legal).
  3. Sixty three & the youngest in our weekend group. Only one plays from the senior tees...and we had to talk him into it about 3 years because he just wasn't enjoying the game. Attitude really changed once he switched. Again...all about distance, not age.
  4. One of the first groups out in the morning on weekends. Two eggs, parmesan cheese, & 2 slices black forest ham between 2 slices of 12-grain toast. Use olive oil in the cast iron pan.
  5. Sounds like to sudden of an onset to be golfer's elbow. Most likely you pulled/strained a tendon or ligament. Need to see a physician before injuring it any further. Look at it this way, further use might lead to an eventual tear. Greater percentage of the time a tear is going to involve surgery. If you have stress it before seeing a doctor, at least get something like a neoprene elbow sleeve to try give it some support & hope you do not damage it further. In the mean time, anti-inflammatory meds would not hurt (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.)
  6. Fake News! (sorry moderators....I just couldn't resist that one)
  7. Just make sure you use heat before you ever remove the tape from the shaft. I have had duct tape peel the chrome right off of steel shafts before.
  8. Here I will be lucky to have one more month before golf is done for the year. Any rebuild I do is over the winter months. Any item that gets epoxied stays inside where it is warm. Said item(s) will be inside the house for at least 48 hours before I even glue them. Then they will be inside for a minimum of 72 hours to cure. Now after saying that...I cheat. Have a wood burning stove.
  9. With the hoodie & sunglasses you could be Ted Kaczynski's long lost cousin.......the Unichipper
  10. This is one I always get a chuckle out of. Have played with some that are even bothered that someone else's clubs have the logo up. I never pay any attention to the shaft logo. My attention is on the clubface. Have been flowing my shafts for a couple of years now, so that really cancels out where the logo is at.
  11. Am currently 63 & have been tinkering with clubs well over 12 years. Two years ago was my very first fitting. When I scheduled it, I stated that I had built my own set and my only expectations from the fitting was to see if I was even in the ballpark on the work I had done. When I went in for the fitting, an employee had called in sick that day so the fitter would occasionally have to help out in the store. It was an entire bag fitting & due to the store situation it was just under 3 hours for what was to be an hour & a half fitting. The fitter never had me use any clubs but my own. It was all done on a simulator (except for the putting). Even my favorite ball was covered in the fitting. Every club was used & I believe he had me hit different types of shots with every club. We did talk a fair amount & majority of it was him asking me about the how's & why's of where I was at with my equipment & the small knowledge I had. Needless to say I did get some really good tips from him also. My favorite part of the fitting was the final club, the putter. I have an old center shaft Odyssey 2-balls putter with a black line down the center. When I pulled it out he said that he never thought much of center shafted putters. After he had me hit 3 balls to a specific spot he looked up and told me to never ever get rid of that putter. I was currently using steel shafts in the irons, so he gave me recommendations of what to use if I went with graphite. The only other recommendation was to experiment with the bounce on the 2 wedges I use (52 & 58). When we were done he only charged me half the price. To me this was just about the best investment I had ever made in golf. Just the piece of mind to know what I was taught in the beginning & have built upon it from people like Howard Jones, Stuart G, & others on this site was & is invaluable. That is my take on the question.
  12. A 58 if what I have in the bag. Have a friend that has a 64. Have used a couple on times on the practice green. It is kind of fun to play around with. Brings a whole new meaning to the term drop & stop. The guy that has it, I tease him now & then. I will ask him if he has a fear of the ball coming up in his face with that thing.
  13. Have been to many college football games & one NFL game. That is the extent of experience with large sporting events. Have watched golf on TV since the late 1960's, so I am officially a "get off my lawn" guy. Long ago there would be an occasional outburst from a fan, but they quickly found out that was not the proper thing to do. When the popularity of Tiger really started to take off is IMHO when the loud, obnoxious outbursts started to take off. Most of us on this site realize the need for silence before taking a shot. I really have to wonder if most of these loudmouths recognize it. I think they just view it as a basic sporting event where loud & obnoxious is welcomed. Have wondered for quite awhile if they have the thing being recorded at home so they can play it their buddies. Or at least brag to a girlfriend that they have been on national TV. No idea what a PGA event ticket even looks like, but a good start might be to have a warning on the ticket that a certain decorum is required at the event. You will get 2 warnings with the 3rd time being an expulsion from the event. If the infraction is judged to be very serious, a possible lifetime ban from all PGA events may be enforced. Then actually start backing up the talk with action. This is where I would love to use @bscinstnct4 man teams. Have a warning & have some real teeth to back it up. Bet most of the patrons at the events would really applaud it. Alcohol is too much of a money maker to go away. Granted, if may be fueling some of this behavior. However, enforcement of decorum rules I think would be the best way to Barney Fife it..."nip it in the bud....nip it, nip it, nip it!".
  14. Two seasons ago I switched from PX 5.5 steel to graphite. The graphite shafts I got at the time were 90g 5.0 PX LZ. I did one hardstep & that kept my distances about the same as I had with the steel. The feel of the LZ is a little different than the regular PX so had a slight learning curve to adapt to. Basically, just slightly slowing my tempo worked. Before this season started I had MOI matched the irons. So had to install tip weights to match the numbers. Have been really happy with it and at 63 yo with osteoarthritis in the hands just pays more dividends. Just have to remember to keep the tempo down.....half as hard...twice as far (plus better accuracy). One thing I had noticed right away when first using the LZ graphite was a tighter shot dispersion. Normally I have no problem getting a ball up in the air & that did not change one bit with the graphite. But was very surprised at how I could keep a ball right on target. However, I will admit that I might have been expecting just the opposite in the switch from steel to graphite. I just have to keep that caveman mentality from taking over in my swing.
  15. A Stihl or Husqvarna would work the best.
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