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  1. Hi guys The tiger woods project for golf channel regarding his taylormade club Anyone got a video link for it? Thanks
  2. Until Rory or Brooke’s wins then it will be one of them.....then it will be Dustin, then Adam Scott, u get the picture
  3. Story of 9 out of every 10 things Rory has said over the years which have ruffled feathers in the peanut gallery. Agreed. I like him more after each interview TBH. It's no different than a footballer moving from a bottom half club to one in the top 6. He's simply talking off the cuff and not worrying about his "team/sponsors" like corporate Jordan or distracted by the hum of an AC unit like DJ. You have to be pretty precious about the Euro Tour to take any offense. Talking about Paul mcginley who was never good enough to play on the us tour??? ????
  4. Well he's probably not wrong for the top 25 players in the world, for the rest its not just a stepping stone. I used to be such a big Rory fan, but some of the garbage that comes out of his mouth is starting to irritate me, he can do whatever he wants in his career, he has earned that right, but don't be bad mouthing something that has helped him throughout his career up to now, there is just no real need All he needed to say was "im spending a year mainly focused on the PGA tour, so i can concentrate on the majors etc etc blah blah" I’m guessing your one of the people who wants free speech banned. He’s right in everything he says, end of. Get on with it and stop moaning.
  5. Working on his own according to his twitter
  6. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to buy PED'S in the local grocery store? My golf needs much improvement
  7. Anyone got Rory's autograph I can buy?
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