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  1. Been using Prov 1 for so long. Now finally forced to switch since I can't buy the older version any longer. Probably wrong ball any way I am told. CHS average 93mph AoA 3-5 up LA 14-15 degrees Spin average 2000-2200 Getting about 220 yards carry on average. 3/4 Lob Wedge spin is 8500 average Want same characteristics but told we can get more distance by switching: 1. low spin off driver 2. don't notice the hardness so hard or soft doesn't matter 3. higher spin for long irons 4. higher spin on wedges / around the green Tried out door on the fairway the new Pro V1x.
  2. If you are a stock draw player and hit it both ways curious how you hit your fade. My stock is a push draw. Experimented with the following methods with mixed results.... 1. Traditional aim left and open face a little. This curves too much for me. Since I swing in to out and push the ball it starts right then curves right. I already play open face driver, woods, and hybrids. This also goes the shortest but I think its because of the big high curve right. Tested playing the ball up so it starts right less out of the gate. 2. Aim left but swing the path left of the square face. This
  3. > @cpeck said: > wonder if a spray on antiperspirant would work if you sprayed your hand after each 9. > > edit- googled and found this https://www.mycarpe.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk7nqgoSp4wIVY5JbCh0kjw_iEAAYAiAAEgL7xfD_BwE > > > talcum powder > Rosen bag > spray deodorant > > Yep. Tried the antiperspirant followed up with talc. Talking 95+ degree and major humidity for a week long tournament. The humidity was the problem versus the heat. That worked. Then applied a dry tack to keep the hands tacky, almost like preparing for a rain day.
  4. Playing in hot very humid weather and hands sweat. Any product recommendations to help keep a good grip when this happens. Just regripped clubs. It's just so humid.
  5. Before ruining your swing with swing changes why don't you rule out the simple things first that can have a profound effect first. Since you have a LM first rule out that the path is not too in to out. Then use impact tape and adjust setup distance to the ball until you return center of face.
  6. > @lowheel said: > Easier to fade the ball with vardon easier to draw with interlock Have you tested this? What makes this so? Currently I use Vardon. Curious if interlock can reduce draw spin without trying. Anyone else test this?
  7. If you are not breaking par move up. Then keep moving back as you break par again. Member of two clubs and 95% of the members are playing the wrong tees. One club still calls the tees ladies, senior, mens, and back so the men won't play the correct tees because of the names and it makes for a round over 4 hours.
  8. Straight from Callaway...Just need to call them and talk to their technical reps...Flash, draw biased more upright, sub zero flatter lie small right bias and lower spin than flash, triple diamond most flat very right bias. They did say the higher toe in the triple diamond could help my miss of an occasional toe hook. They did say they would only recommend the triple diamond for someone that has tour like club head speed regardless of handicap.
  9. I just spoke with a Callaway tech support rep. Flash spins most. Sub zero spins less. Triple Diamond spins least. He also said they are meant to be hit in the geometric center. I tend to tee the ball high and hit up a lot and catch it above the geometric center which kills spin and launches higher. Interesting he recommended for these heads not to do that.
  10. > @"Howard Jones" said: > > @thepinkbomber said: > > Everyone, thank you. This explains what I am seeing. When caught pure it is longer. But the misses are wild. Toe misses seem to hook a lot more. > > Toe Hooks is caused by Horizontal Gear effects. > - A short RCOG makes this BAD (strong gear effect - more twisting at impact) > - a long RCOG straiten out ball flight (less strong gear effect - less twisting at impact) > > Imagine a strait line from the impact spot on the face and directly trough RCOG > The closer to the face RCOG is, the more
  11. Curious if anyone experimented with both interlock grip and overlap grip to see which one promotes more or less face rotation through impact.
  12. If mechanics are sound why don't you let ball flight tell you what to do? Hit balls and look for a pattern then adjust. Stop when you get the desired shape you want. Each person is unique with a grip. If I took a strong grip with either hand it would hook off the planet. But take someone that has trouble closing the face then strong may help them quickly.
  13. Similar situation. Draw and miss is over draw. Coaches recommended learning a stock fade or take less club. Gets worse with trees down right side and the tee box moved to the right. Can't hit the driver draw on that. Less club or fade.
  14. The grip is so unique for each player. Left more in palm but a mixture of both favoring palm. Palm helps reduce face rotation. Right hand middle two fingers. Fight over drawing so everything is setup to help avoid that - flatter lies, left palm grip and no stronger than neutral, and right hand V straight at chin. If some slices then maybe its appropriate to try finger grip to help promote face rotation?
  15. Everyone, thank you. This explains what I am seeing. When caught pure it is longer. But the misses are wild. Toe misses seem to hook a lot more.
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