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  1. [quote name='Rock Chalk Jayhawk' timestamp='1396791314' post='9031149'] I have a Vokey SM4 60.04 wedge that I just can't seem to hit from the bunker at all, and I think it has something to do with the bounce. I like the low bounce for everything but sand shots. Does anybody have experience with this wedge and made the switch to the SM5? I'm preliminarily looking at the 60.07 S-grind. I like to hit full shots with all of my clubs. Around the green, I use the 60 when I need to land the ball softly or for a hop and stop shot, and I do like to open the face, so I'd think something with some hee
  2. If it is an estimate, then it would not be calculated I thought? Or is that what you meant? I'm confused. And yes anything that is numbers/stats that are picked up properly are not italicized, and that was my question/comment to the op, was the 5000 rpm italicized? If so then the number is wrong
  3. I have used TM quite extensively this winter and have figured out that when the spin number is italicized, and looks like [i]5000 [/i]instead of 5000 and it is the only number that is italicized, it did not generate the number correctly. I think it roughly doubles the actual number. I guess it may depend on the software and maybe other factors as well, but I've seen it happen, and I would guess it was not reading correctly
  4. That 2014 sample size is a little suspect. I think 2013 would be a much better comparison. Lee changing could also be a time constraint issue. Maybe he requires more dedicated time from his instructor?
  5. [quote name='Low Draw' timestamp='1389926715' post='8475427'] [quote name='pzl' timestamp='1389882430' post='8470761'] I researched this extensively and found this to be most helpful: [url="http://gorhamcountryclub.com/images/golf%20posture.jpg"]http://gorhamcountry...olf posture.jpg[/url] As for effects, couldn't tell ya [/quote] Thank you for the link. I am trying understand issues that can present themselves when someone bends from the waist versus hinging from the hips. [/quote] Your welcome, I think that link is a pretty good start. From what I have read it seems like the more
  6. I researched this extensively and found this to be most helpful: http://gorhamcountryclub.com/images/golf%20posture.jpg As for effects, couldn't tell ya
  7. Cobra amp cell pro. Last years model so it is reasonably priced, lowish spin, 440 cc (so it is a little smaller) and forgiving. A great driver overall
  8. Depends, 150 is an inbetween yardage for me so I would either cut a 7 or hit a hard 8 with a draw (in a perfect world). 155 or 145 yards and straight 7 or 8 would be the plan.
  9. Find a shaft that fits (assuming the stock rip doesn't) and your 910 will be your new back up
  10. Cobra amp cell pro head would be my suggestion. I just got one with a ad-di 6s and its fantastic
  11. Adams pro gold hybrid. Would rather hit it then a wedge some days
  12. I may be in the minority, but I always think, straight back, straight through, as I am over the putt and begin my stroke. Pick a line and the speed, set up over it and thing sbst and away we go. Works for me, but maybe not so much for other. If I think about nothing I find it easy to get lackadaisical and go off into la la land
  13. I have had the original zl, amp, and amp cell pro in the last 5 years, and I believe you can't go wrong with either of them. The amp for the price may be your best bet (plus you said you have and like the 3 wood) so I would go with the amp. I have an amp as a backup as well, and its just a solid golf club.
  14. driver ss 100mph handicap 1.7 5 iron 175ish - bent 1 degree strong 21 degree hybrid 175-200 - depending on shot shape 18 degree hybrid ? - just ordered but hoping 190-210
  15. [quote name='Monday' timestamp='1388710980' post='8388051'] [quote name='pzl' timestamp='1388710645' post='8388021'] Short game and putting. It can save sooooo many strokes, create momentum, etc. You can hit it like garbage and chip and putt your way to a 79. Keeping track of stats and everything is great and helpful, not trying to discount that, however I think practicing and improving your short game will be the easiest way to lower your cap and get under 80. Best of luck [/quote] I don't see how anyone can definitively say this without knowing about how the person plays. I could have 3
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