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  1. I agree with kb7.. If you plan to sell or trade later on... Keeping original would be best..
  2. I've been using pull cart with full cart bag.. but I've been thinking seriously about carrying 9 clubs.. SW, PW, 8, 6, 4, 3- hybrid, 3- fairway wood, Driver, putter.. I have a Sunday bag.. which I can use Glad, I'm not the only one..
  3. 8602081

    2020 US Open

    I'm going with Justin Rose.. He's due..
  4. It's an advantage that lot of players took, not just Mirim.. Nelly might have to, but she had to layup. Her drive prevented her from getting there on 2.. Both of her drive was in the rough.. It's an advantage that was available for all players, if they can reach it.
  5. Nothing new about this.. Even PGA players do the same thing. Game strategies change with the change on the environment.. The blue wall was in place of stadium seats..
  6. You're right.. My mistake.. I guess it's only half brighter..
  7. Gabriela Ruffels and Rose Zhang impressed me just as they impressed me at US amateurs.. I see brighter future for US..
  8. Really felt bad for Nelly.. I was rooting for her.. I was nervous for her, because she's not really known for strong finish.. Congrats to Mirim.. 3 chip ins were amazing.. 2 of the 3 were not easy ones..
  9. Former #1 in LPGA.. Is/was Highest ranked Chinese player. I haven't heard any news of her since the COVID...
  10. They should let her play with Mask on.
  11. It's <$5 fix if you do it yourself.. Sometimes if you leave the clubs in the trunk.. Heat will loosen or break down the epoxy..
  12. Wouldn't acetone/heat also affect the Carbon Fiber bonds to titanium? I would be very careful, especially on expensive driver..
  13. Doing some research on golfers that can hit 400 yards with pitching wedge.. They all pointed to GolfWRX..
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