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  1. Congrats to Jessica.. Danielle tried, but it's hard to play against 2 sisters that can bomb the drives.. Jessica and Nelly made it look easy, while Danielle tried her best hanging onto her lead.. One more thing... Little weird to see Annika playing golf as a celebrity. Would Fred Couples or Jim Furyk qualify as celebrity golfers?
  2. LOL.. Bryson needs to get bigger and stronger.. Hicks is a tank..
  3. grip must be pretty tight.. Usually mineral spirit will break down the tape and lubricate the grip.. Should slide out easily.. make sure that the grip and the shaft is also room temperature.. Cold grip will be stiff.. Hanger would be too thick and too flexible.. You need something more stiff and flatter..
  4. I was pretty entertained with the final group.. Hicks hitting 400 yard drive was impressive.. Fish was solid.. It was nice, because the celebrities were actually playing really good. Kordas and Kang played great..
  5. I use Mineral Spirit and Flat Skewer to remove grips, which works great.. You just have to figure out a way to get the Mineral Spirit inside between the grip and the shaft..
  6. Playing with Handicaps.. Not able to win any games and your handicaps stays the same and lost money..
  7. 8602081

    Sony open

    Congrats to Kevin..
  8. Seems Niemann wasn't warming up for after his round. Do you think that might have hurt him?
  9. LPGA is mostly played in US.. To get recognition, we need American players to compete at Top Level. We need Americans Ladies to do a whole lot better.. Once the popularity goes up, funds will come in for higher pay..
  10. If the group agrees to the changes, what's the problem?. Golf is friendly sport... Make it fun.. Unless you're playing in a tournament..
  11. Cincinnati, ohio Most courses are open all year..
  12. I used to watch Rick on Youtube all the time.. I like when he reviews new gadgets, but I can tell he's not very consistent with his shots..
  13. Can't go wrong with Wilson Staff FG series..
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