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  1. Congrats to Ariya. They haven't showed much of her putting.. Does she still have a big smile prior to putting? Announcers were very annoying.. They are trying so hard to make it dramatic..
  2. First, thank you for the Grip. Sense R1 Putter Grip review.. I just wanted to share my experience with the Sense R1 Putter Grip kit I won at WRX.. Installing the putter grip was simple and easy. Make sure to use the level that came with the grip, the alignment is crucial. It was very simple to add weight and love the adjustment you can make with he weights. I added 30gram weight at 6 inch from the top, this way the weight is at my right hand (Dominant Hand) location. I used to have SuperStroke counter weight setup prior. The big advantage
  3. Seriously.. They do have some strong players. Japan is also up and coming.. I think LPGA will become more popular, when it's more diverse in competition.
  4. Let the man dream.. Could happen, you never know.. My new favorite player is Thitikul... But I think the announcers are mis-pronouncing on purpose after the first round..(they keep adding "n" to the end..)
  5. Did not realize that A Lim Kim was a BOMBER... It's also nice to see lot of the Thai Players have Korean company sponsorship..
  6. It's so childish.. Just her last name.. But, yes I love all the ladies that golf..
  7. Every time the announcers say Atthaya's name.. I can't help but smile..
  8. I know it's only the first round.. But I am always happy, when Ariya is on top..
  9. Love DVR.. I never miss any because of it..
  10. Lexi not playing this tournament also? She lost 1 spot on Rolex ranking to #9..
  11. The announcers were saying it was 40 C.. It's tough for most that just travelled to play to be in such hot and humid place.. It usually takes a week to get acclimated to the weather.. Most players never got the chance.. on top of that.. they had to adjust to the time change..
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