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  1. Just wondering what you all think on Jason Day Jim Furyk Sergio Garcia Hall of famers??
  2. I like the 3.0 version because it is more simple and easier to read! Thanks for the giveaway!!
  3. I had 8 ad Post’s in the first page alone!!!! That is absolutely crazy! It’s impossible for me to enjoy browsing the forum with that many ads.
  4. My dad is 59 and he is struggling getting the driver out there passed 200 (carry). He is using an f6+ currently and was not fit for the driver. With his swing and other distances for his other clubs I feel like he should be able to carry his driver 215. He wants to get fit for his new driver this season. He doesn’t want to spend $800 on a fitting and club so the whole club champion deal isn’t in the cards but he is welcome to using club champion to do the fitting and then buy through somewhere else. He lives in the Chicago area and I was wondering what you guys thought the best place for him
  5. Honestly, best way for me to judge would be knowing how much $ you’re in on the wedges.
  6. Sweeeet bag. I bought the UA bag in dark blue and I love it. How are you liking the new super stroke on the strokes lab? I’m lookin at a gtr tour in the traxion, love the white look too.
  7. I agree! Amazing content through the years
  8. Daly using a Toulon Latrobe? Actually a Scotty Edit - my bad on the upload, if you click the picture you should be able to see full size
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