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  1. Lamkin grips are the only ones that I have had issues with too.
  2. Leather has been great for humid and sweaty weather for me. Keeps getting tacky. I have one or two extra if you want to try one
  3. I would argue the air is what binds it lube is just getting it on
  4. Only on superstroke putter grips. Didn’t build the tape up enough. Other than that I haven’t had any issues. Heck I use cooking spray or wd-40 and always painters tape. If you are worried - just do a little strip at the bottom of the grip of double sided.
  5. Hard to trust trackman numbers indoor completely Always focus on the important numbers ss, launch’s, spin, carry total yardage will be bullxxxx
  6. Foresight is better and more accurate in doors than trackman - metal dots still provide more accurate data than not Outdoors- trackman still king but all depends on the settings the fitter has on it
  7. Played it and it’s outstanding. Great practice area and club life has a great feel too. Higher tier than some of the others in the same area. Y’all wont be disappointed
  8. Lake presidential would be one of the best in the area. Believe they have a little membership you can get into for the range
  9. Have to travel a bit ( really no clue once I get past the dragons -inside joke) Would a little more affordable. Turf Valley has a big group of guys in out of here that always play Hobbits Glenn Norbeck Argyle Just throwing a few more out there..
  10. Pinehurst #2. The 350 rate but ended up not having to pay it … #influencing
  11. Agree with the outside layer. Well buddy if you are going to crap your pants do it with a 33 front. Good round
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