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  1. Like golf you don’t remember the good shots only the bad ones. #teamsmalls
  2. Right past the tent, there are 3 mats that are in the ground. I wonder if at one time there was a range. I guess cross creek closed down too.
  3. Eagle - AMT Black descending weight technology is really cool Redneck DI- Super game improvement 4 iron head with whatever shaft
  4. Ha ha.. I told him I had a buddy there . Dave is such a good dude!
  5. Sully.. two great options. mix/match shaft and heads should show different results
  6. Yeah.. too much water and a lot heat boils roots. Our fairways have had trouble with that over this period. But any place with Bermuda should be money
  7. Self diagnosing ones swing can lead to double digits as well
  8. Garret at LP is another option. Big GG guy Also the Chen use a guy.. is it Nick? Brandon at Olney has Dom always looking good Or just post your video and we will judge you
  9. It’s simple a install. best grips for 3 years now. Have blown them off and on multiple times Its the only way to go especially with grips that are this expensive painters tape, grip solvent, and an air compressor with an air hosel attachment. Easy peasy
  10. Heck yeah DC! Sounds like you have figured out something and just swinging now. For a couple years you were always working on a swing Now just have to get a COD solo win and 2020 is complete
  11. I was going to say you are my hero but than @Sterling_247 posted a video of him singing so ... However so awesome brother! That’s fire
  12. Roughly around that. Like my putter..through the kitchen sink at it. tyler golf bag can make one for a lot cheaper - prints their bags
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