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  1. I’ll say this about RNK it’s an unforgiving water down version of TR. The big difference is lack of waste bunkers instead He puts the most thorny vegetation possible. So chance of getting away with an aggressive is very slim Assuming or hoping a lot of that is dormant during Winter. Would love to head back down and play it again— big strantz fan
  2. 330g used to be the stock weight for older generation putters Nowadays 350 is the stock. What I have noticed is heavy putters are great for shorter mid range putts. Longer putts it can cause some inconsistencies Caveat to all this is going out and practicing putts with the two options (lighter and heavier) seeing what’s best for you I know Greg — practice but the only way. Now to what you want to hear — get a 340g putter and split the difference
  3. All jokes aside, I agree with the fittings are usually A+ and allow golfers to hit almost every combo. However, for a few that decline to purchase the builds there are a few that do. I can always pick out a CC bag at demoes. Caveat to that is, I have rarely not been able to "beat/improve" on their equipment over their CC ones. What a lot people forget is their universal adaptor adds so much extra weight to the head. Thats why most irons are built at D5 .
  4. If performance is almost exactly the same.. than looks and feel. However, if one set stand out for consistency, spin, yardage, etc that changes some things.
  5. Let’s start with what both sets are than you can lay on my couch and we will further discuss - Dr. Tex
  6. Have we forgotten the best sweater ever... Mizuno wind lite (not sure what its called today)
  7. @Ocgolfrick You know they say an angel gets their wing every time Callaway club are bought Awesome stuff brother! Glad you got a better cartner than Nerf. Let me know if you need anything to assist filling the bag, I have some wedges I can cut down for him if he would like some.
  8. Good ole country boy. Promise in life is we will never know when our last round of golf or breath will be. Always easier said than done but enjoy everyday! Fairways and greens and boats and hoes, Tom
  9. One word — Angelina You don’t get that with a whippy shaft
  10. Common sense should prevail to be honest. However, how long did it take for the PGA to allow shorts during practice rounds? Golf is always way behind. Don't care what you wear just play fast -
  11. Knowledge bomb dropping X-torsion is counter balance so the extra hot melt actually helps the head weight. The cb shafts tend to lighten the head weight
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