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  1. Ya it’s bigger then .370 as that didn’t fit. Does anyone know a shaft I can buy that will fit.
  2. Anyone please Scotty Cameron Hollywood putter tip size.
  3. Need a tip size for a Scotty Cameron Monterey 1.5 .. please help
  4. I play the c taper 125 in all my irons what is everyone else doing for there wedges ? I was thinking going 130 c taper but getting a 8 iron shaft and cutting it down. So basically a 2 time soft step. Any ideas ?
  5. I ended up tipping 1/2” and love the shaft. To be honest it’s probably the first club in my life I could get away with, without tipping. But I do like the shaft, tight shot shapes
  6. How much is everyone tipping the av raw 2.0 prototype ?
  7. I have a 65tx 2.0 on the way. I have no clue what my swing speed is but I played the VB 6x and 7x both tipped 1” I liked didn’t love also played atmos black 7tx tipped 1” I liked it more then the VB and my favorite so far is the KK XD 7tx 1” tipping im a little nervous tipping this one the 1” I normally do based off these reviews. can anyone give me some tipping feedback based on your experience with this shaft.
  8. Well I guess I’m not the only one that finds it tough to match taylormade with shafts. Once you do it’s amazing but for them the problem is once he finds the combo the next driver has arrived.
  9. Use a sharp bit and hand drill it. I’ve done it many time …. Works great !!
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