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  1. How much is everyone tipping the av raw 2.0 prototype ?
  2. I have a 65tx 2.0 on the way. I have no clue what my swing speed is but I played the VB 6x and 7x both tipped 1” I liked didn’t love also played atmos black 7tx tipped 1” I liked it more then the VB and my favorite so far is the KK XD 7tx 1” tipping im a little nervous tipping this one the 1” I normally do based off these reviews. can anyone give me some tipping feedback based on your experience with this shaft.
  3. Well I guess I’m not the only one that finds it tough to match taylormade with shafts. Once you do it’s amazing but for them the problem is once he finds the combo the next driver has arrived.
  4. Use a sharp bit and hand drill it. I’ve done it many time …. Works great !!
  5. My only gripe with the ventus black is 6x is 65g and the 7x is 78g that’s so huge of a gap. I love the VB but my 6x feels to light once I get my driver swing weight to D4 and the 7x feels to heavy also at D4 we need a low 70’s gram VB
  6. So hear is my question I have the ventus black 6x and I’m so used to 70gram shafts but the ventus black 7x is to heavy and the 6x is a little to light. So my question is has anyone ever put a strip of lead tape around the shaft somewhere say in the middle of maybe by the grip to make the shaft a little heavier. Then obviously make the head heavier to get my swing weight proper. Maybe that a stupid question but any answer will do..
  7. I have both the XD 70tx tipped 1” and Ventus Black 6x tipped 1” the xd feels more stout and when hit good it feels like I crushed it. The ventus I hit good, make good contact and for whatever reason I just doesn’t feel the crushing blow. xD is longer for me by a little and also just gives me that baby draw I like. The ventus is straight and a good shaft but not getting that feel I love. I’ve also tried the ventus black 7x but felt to heavy and the 6x feels to light I think I need a middle ground. I’ll be playing 2021 with my sim2 xd the ventus black 6x sits in my bac
  8. How did this shaft get over looked. Wow I just tested the kuro kage xd and man am I impressed!!
  9. So is this ball any good ? Any reviews ?
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