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  1. I ended up selling the ventus 7x it was starting to get a little heavy. So I ordered the 6x and in the mean time I’ve been playing the atmos black 7ts and its lively as hell. Don’t sell that one short. The kuro Kage xt will always be my favorite shaft of all time with a degree lower head then normal.
  2. So the ball flight was high and had more spin then I’m used to. The shaft felt pretty good with good kick. so I didn’t give up because I am a highball hitter but like to hit baby draws and this profile works for me doing that. so I bought a 8 degree head and set it up for the lowest spin possible and wow, I hit perfect little draws and deep deep balls. Longer balls then my ventus black. It’s all about feel now because I’m a person who is used to a rebar kinda kick. But the experiment was a success. My buddy who hits a lower cut shot loves this shaft and has offered to buy it nume
  3. I love the red feel. No problem turning the ball over but I do hit it a little higher then I want, going to try to put in a 8 degree head to see if that will help. I like the red feel better then the black but the black ball flight better then the red.
  4. Why are some pro who normally use 70 grams driver shafts using the 6-x in the ventus black ? And doing this only for the ventus black
  5. Looking for a taylormade M6 8.0 driver head. right handed
  6. So I plan a boys trip every year from 12-16 of us and have always done Tahoe but this year we are doing Monterey. Anyone know a package deal available besides the pebble beach one? Any ideas will help
  7. So I just purchased a red velocore 7x and am going to tip it either 1.5 or 2 haven’t decided yet, to get that purple profile. I use at the moment a velocore black 7x tipped a inch and I like it had a black 7x not tipped a didn’t like it at all. Before that I was a kuro Kate xt 70tx 1” and atmos black tx 1”. So I’ve always done the low low shafts and kinda just really wanna try the tipping red experiment. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  8. Need a driver ventus red 7x velocore
  9. Right handed taylormade 9.0 M6 driver head
  10. Is anyone else with me to say the SIM driver disappointed. Distance and feel I loved let’s get that out the way, but the accuracy was very weird. I hit baby draws 2 handicap average about 285-295 off the tee with all my drivers, 2016M2, M5 and then comes the Sim and the ball flight was all over the place. Had to work pretty hard to hit a draw with the weight in the draw position by the way. Most shots push right and then from time to time the ball would fly so far right off line I couldn’t stand it. Let’s say the driver didn’t last long in the bag. M5 back in the back, I will say the sims
  11. I’ve had the d+ limited 70tx and the club weight wise felt amazing tipped a inch and as far as distance goes it’s the longest of the bunch. I don’t really know what is it about that shaft but I couldn’t feel the head exactly like I wanted even though the numbers and the flight was almost perfect. I have had two ventus blacks 7x one tipped a inch and one not. The tipped 1inch ventus is amazing I feel the head I shape my shots, it’s a d+ with feel .
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