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  1. Go with the second swing. When you have to quit from back pain in two years, you won't have to worry about picking a swing. But seriously... Find out what you're under/over/not doing with the first swing, tweak it, and go from there.
  2. My experience: -There's no "working through" the pain/injury. I thought I could "strengthen" the area by continuing to do the curls and weightlifting I was doing (while also playing golf). All that did was make things worse. I think that the Theraband exercises are helpful -- but I'd argue that they're intended to stretch and make/keep pliable/strengthen the area through controlled resistance. Weight training to "strengthen" the area is NOT going to help at all (and will likely just make things much worse). -Cortisone shot may or may not have helped. I certainly didn't
  3. I am a 11.5 in most Nike golf shoes, going back to the LC4s. However, in one of the special edition 1Gs and also the ZITs, I'd never be able to get my foot into an 11.5. It's 12 all the way in those. I also have a skinny foot, so I'm not one of those people who would go up in length just to get some more width. The ZITs do run narrow -- but they also run small (short) to me. Check out the Nike '21 shoes thread, and you'll see lots of experiences with ZIT sizing. Some folks have had to try out 2 or 3 size combos to get the right fit.
  4. Sounds like a grip issue. Do you have a strong grip? If so, you might set up with the face square, but grip it more tightly and close the face when you start your swing. Or, perhaps your swing is all arms, and you're not rotating through the shot, letting the hands take over, closing the club face by/at impact. It's hard to say what's happening without more info.
  5. No one can answer this, especially given that no one knows what your idea of "decent" is. (Even then, no one can say.)
  6. I haven't worn either on the course yet, but have a pair of each. The 1s have a more pointed toe area, have a pretty low heel rise/cup (up the back of the heel), and feel more padded (and therefore a little more "snug"?) overall. The 3s have a less pointed toe box, feel less padded under the foot, it feels like my foot sits lower in the shoe (and so there's more room top-to-bottom over the toes), and the overall shoe construction feels more rigid.
  7. Check out this short video. See what he's trying to keep the student from doing, and where he's trying to get him. Notice the path his hands need to take. Shoulders rotating on an incline, hands track slightly inward from the get-go, hands don't roll at all, and a little wrist hinge all gets the club up the plane, and with a square-to-the-path face. From there, like glk said, the right arm folding will continue to take the club up the plane to the top. Edit: You've probably seen Justin Thomas rehearse putting the club in this position before every drive. He knows that if he can get
  8. Why? Who cares? And a mixed bag of what -- more huge corporations' clubs? This line of thinking is at best naive, and at worst hypocritical.
  9. Unless you don't like having conversations about it when people inevitably ask you about the bag and your time at the school, I'd never feel the need to get rid of it.
  10. Lefty -- You're still very flat in large part due to the fact that you roll your hands over (counter-clockwise) just after you start your swing. When you do that, you change your left wrist orientation (where it's pointing) -- and now bending your let wrist back (as you know you should do) moves the club around you very low, and not at all up the plane. Put your left hand out in front of you like you're going to shake hands with someone. now bend your wrist back. It bends back horizontally. Now, put your hand out again, but rotate your hand so that your palm is facing upward. Now
  11. That's great. Good to hear. As long as you recognize that changing your shoulder orientation could (should?) cause you to have to adjust your grip-->the face/the face-->your grip, and maybe the ball position, then you'll be on your way to giving yourself a better opportunity to hit the ball where you intend to before you even start the swing. It would be interesting to see subsequent videos to see how things are progressing.
  12. Amateur take (from someone who's done a lot of what you're doing): Your shoulders at set up look very open compared to the rest of you, and it looks like it's helping get your trail arm substantially above your other, turning your swing plane to the right. From here, you probably drop your rear shoulder on the down swing in an effort to not swing over the top/across it (which, in my mind, is what you would otherwise tend to do with that set up alignment), and this will likely lead to a big push. If you didn't do this, it seems that you'd either pull-hook it left, or hit a weak slic
  13. The standard Prizm Golf lens lets in a TON of light. If you're planning to wear them to cut light/glare, they're not going to cut it. Under a hat brim, they're probably ok -- or if you're looking for color enhancement only, then they're good. But wearing them in bright sunlight with the expectation of cutting light is going to be disappointing. Definitely go with the Prizm Dark for the best of both worlds.
  14. Non-stand bags are still a thing? I can't imagine why someone would buy a standard-sized bag without legs. All stand bags fit on carts just fine -- and then they stand sturdily when you're not riding and set them down on the ground. Seems like a no-brainer to have a bag suited to both cart use and carrying.
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