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  1. I'm sure everyone understands the point of your analogies, but they just don't apply to putting for me. They apply to sports where you start with the projectile in your hand or in/touching your equipment. Putting is more akin to kicking a field goal -- not throwing a football. There are lots more analogies where you have to hit the ball/projectile with a piece of equipment where the player watches the ball/projectile and is not looking at the target. To the original question, since recently going to rocking my shoulders to move the putter, I'd say my intention is to change the length of the stroke to putt the ball farther.
  2. How do the 90s do with dirt in the "mesh"? Is the mesh really a not-so-porous plastic, or does dirt get trapped in it easily?
  3. I'm with you on your line of thinking. Also, being slowed up by others isn't the same thing as being the ones who are slow who are slowing up others. So, you're going to need controls in place that don't cause you to have to comp the rounds of 6 groups who were slowed up by one group, even if that one group gets tossed. Another thing that's not fun is when you're playing at a good pace, but have people behind you who think you should be playing in 3 hours and not under 4. They're going to be unhappy with the pace, and you're going to be unhappy with their pace. When looking to provide satisfaction based on pace of play, that might be something you have to contend with. What if you were to hold everyone's credit card til the end of the round, and you either gets charged the rate (for coming in in the desired window), less if you're held up, or MORE if you're [responsible for being] slow?
  4. While you're at it, you should extend the first "your" in your title by an "e". It sounds as though you've found that adding length (or length and weight) to your irons has made your irons more suited to you. No one can argue with that if that's what you've found. Where WRX gets all worked up is when one of us hacks comes on here and states as a matter of fact that what worked for him will cure everyone else of the same woes.
  5. Whatever it is, it has to have stretchiness to it. I've got a couple Adidas Clima-whatever that are relatively lightweight, fleecy on the inside, and stretch. They're my go-to for colder rounds. Otherwise, I like Peter Millar (more off the course than on, though). I had attempted to get a Nike 1/4-zip last/a couple years ago, but the shape was boxy, there was no stretch to them, and the arms were too short. Looks like they might have some lighter-weight "brushed" ones out just now that appear to have a good amount of stretch to them...
  6. ...And tucking his pant legs behind the tongues like we did in the '80s. ...But our Sambas and Air Force 1s had proper, tall tongues, unlike the ZITs.
  7. I've had the left pain thumb you're experiencing, I think. Years ago, when I was still using steel shafts, I remember having it be a real problem for a number of rounds. It usually started right on the driving range, and would continue into the round. Ever since, I do my best to manipulate, bend, and stretch that hand prior to hitting balls to avoid experiencing the pain. Seems to work. (And if I have had it come at the range before a round, it's been brief, and not nearly as sharp a pain as I remember I once had there. I think that it might be brought on by my strong left hand grip. Not 100% sure...
  8. "Outside"? Where, exactly? I've got 'em on my left index finger and right ring finger where the two sit against each other via my overlap grip (righty, btw).
  9. I've had the same Club Glove for... 20 years or so now? It's still going strong. I recommend the Stiff Arm, too. I put iron neoprene covers on my irons, stuff my golf club in around the longer clubs, and extend the Stiff Arm to just beyond the length of my driver. Works like a charm. Also, if you need to, you can remove your golf bag from the CG and fold the CG in half to about the size of a backpack.
  10. Exactly. A is very narrow. Not even close to medium. I'm a B, and most D-width shoes are much wider than I'd prefer.
  11. Love your custom shoe threads. Good vision, and great execution.
  12. No sir. All good. Again, I wasn't sure whether I was understanding which move the OP was really discussing here. I can certainly see how both UD and the motorcycle move could be usefully combined or done individually -- but I found that if I employ a distinct UD move that feels like a "release," then it improves my ball striking bigtime. (But don't know if I'm being off-topic! haha)
  13. Even though you're probably right, I thought we were talking about ulnar deviation here, and not flexion (but, that's why I asked for clarification about the thread topic). For me, applying UD is a key swing component that solves a lot of issues.
  14. Speaking of Jordans, I have to fess up and admit that although I have 3 pairs of them, I don't know what the "ADG" stands for. Could someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  15. Are we talking about the downward uncocking of the wrists at the ball? Like handing someone game tickets, or tapping your credit card on a card reader? Because this (to me, anyway), is a very different move than the motorcycle move. The motorcycle move feels like a "rolling under" action, when I suspect this topic is really about the downward "pointing" of the wrists. There's no "roll" feel to me -- just a fishing rod casting motion. (Incidentally, I think this rod-casting motion is nothing like the "flipping" motion -- where the left wrist breaks down, folds back, and the club head passes the hands prematurely -- associated with the negative term "casting.") If we're talking about the same thing, I used this one thought on the range last night to completely straighten out my ball flight and compress the ball. Leading up to this, I was ready to throw my clubs in a lake after not being able to line up my path and face and keep from hooking every shot.
  16. Monte -- What's "BDC" or "BDC arms"? Or was that a typo? Thanks.
  17. Clearing my history worked to view that link. Thanks! Interesting video... Definitely an exercise I should try out to learn my tendency, since my astigmatism plays tricks on my aiming. I'll still use spots-on-the-ground method on the course, but it would be good to see where I'm inclined to aim otherwise.
  18. Huh? I don't know what's said in the link you posted (because I apparently have "no more views left"), but a quick YouTube search shows BH picking an aim point in the distance, then finding spots on the ground in front of his ball that are on that same line. No one here is advocating picking spots on the ground that don't relate to a target down-range, so what's different about what you're advocating (or saying not to do)?
  19. OP's camera is clearly tilted, so his shoulder turn is made to look flatter than it actually is. But assuming that he still needs a steeper shoulder turn, wouldn't he have to set up more over the ball in order to get there? Tiger appears to have more bend at the hips at address which enables him to turn his shoulders more steeply, yes?
  20. I imagine that Eddie is asking about the forearm rotation because it doesn't come naturally for him (like it doesn't for me). Without it, I take the club back hooded, with the wrists and club in an unnatural position, requiring a compensation or two to keep from pull-hooking it off the planet. I, personally, have to concentrate (at least initially) on "allowing" my arms to rotate 90° by top of backswing, or else my swing will feel/be contrived getting back to the ball. In terms of staying on topic here, I feel as though this [what FEELS like a] gradual and slight "opening" of the club face is critical in getting the club on-plane and feeling as though you can freely swing the club.
  21. Poor Matt. Hopefully he's ok. The short answer is yes, mats can mask all kinds of problems. Instead of the heel or toe digging into the turf and potentially causing the face to twist (or with a fat shot that would cause the club to dig and put dirt/grass between the face and ball), the club can skip off the mat and into the ball, creating a decent strike. You COULD be delivering the club to the ball better now, too. You just need to determine whether the mat is promoting a better swing/delivery, or whether it's just masking flaws. For me, all that matters is how I hit the ball off of actual turf.
  22. You're moving your lead hip toward the ball, pivoting around your rear leg. Pretty much the opposite of that needs to happen. Your rear hip needs to move back around behind you and toward the target in the backswing.
  23. Thanks. Yeah, Nike sizing has been all over the map in golf shoes the last couple of years. I'm an 11.5 in most, but had to go to a 12 in the ZIT and Air Max 1 G.
  24. Thank you. Thought that comment was strictly regarding width...
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