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  1. Agree that 18 at Naperbrook is a very difficult green, but, to play devil's advocate, it is a reachable par 5, and the green serves as a form of protection. Even if you can't get home in two, you should have a very short shot into the green. It will be interesting to see what the new green looks like after they redo the hole.
  2. Have heard the Mavrik driver is going to be reduced $100 in a few weeks (early, mid November).
  3. Butler National, although will never happen because the don't admit women, or Rich Harvest Farms. Both very difficult courses that could handle the infrastructure.
  4. Have had my Z785s w/Modus 120 S for a few months now and have played some really good golf with them. Love the feeling of a 1-piece forging. Compact head, yet very playable. Have always been a pretty decent long and mid-iron ball striker, don't see the need to combo these. No longer keep a handicap (got old and stopped competing), but would say I'm playing to about a 5 or 6 right now. Also, just picked up the Z785 driver with the HZRDUS Black Hand Crafted, and it is a beast!
  5. I believe he passed away a few years ago.
  6. Made the trip to the QC yesterday and played TPC Deere Run. We usually try to make it out there at least once a year, but it had been a few years since we last played it. It is an absolutely beautiful course situated on a terrific piece of land bordered by the Rock River. The course was in very good condition with the exception of some areas in the rough that were burned out. The greens rolled well, but were a bit slower than the practice putting green by the first tee. Oh, and it was very windy! Full disclosure, I absolutely love the course. There are no holes that are alike
  7. How about the original Mr. 59, Al Geiberger. Incredible swing! Also, Julius Boros. Wonderful tempo. Authored a book called, "Swing Easy, Hit Hard.
  8. I'll take the other side! I always play great with a new set of irons. Something about how new they are really gets me going. Plus, I seem to concentrate a bit more because I need to prove to myself they were worth the investment. Anyway, play what YOU are comfortable with, and good luck in your Club Championship!
  9. I've been fortunate enough to play both Shinnecock Hills and Winged Foot West. Would be very hard pressed to find any courses superior to these. Long Island is filled with great golf courses. Fresh Meadow is very underrated. I live in the Chicago area, and if you dropped Fresh Meadow in there, it would easily be a top 5 course. It's probable only a top 30 course on Long Island.
  10. I think the Srixon Z785/Z-Forged would be closer the the 735CM. I played the 735CMs back in the day and they were really solid. The Z-Forged short irons would give you a similar feel to the 735 blade 8-PW. The Srixons feel softer, to me, as I have always thought that Titleist forgings were a bit on the "clicky" side.
  11. Got my clubs on Monday and after two range sessions and one round, I am very impressed. I seemed to find the center of the clubface pretty consistently, and when I do miss it, the falloff is negligible. Mishits are not very punishing. I ended up with the Modus 120 shafts. First time I have ever used Nippon shafts, and I really like them. The word that comes to mind is smooth. They are very smooth feeling. These clubs seem to be a full club longer than my Apex CF16s. Must be the shaft, since the Srixons are about 1° weaker throughout the set. I am well aware of the "New Club Boner" e
  12. Sorry, been away from my computer. They are regular shafts.
  13. This is a set of Callaway Apex CF16, 4-PW. It features Dynamic Gold XP95 S300 shafts and the original Lamkin UTX grips. The grips will be sanitized prior to shipping. Overall, I would rate the condition as very good. They were purchased last season from Callaway Preowned in "Like New" condition and came with the heads and grips in plastic. There is probable 25 rounds of golf on them. These are very forgiving clubs with a soft feeling forged face. Asking XXX shipped CONUS. Not seeking any trades. Thanks for looking! SOLD
  14. One thing I forgot to add in an earlier post. Competitve golf, at least for me, magnifies your weaknesses. The weakest part of my game has always been 50 yards and in. Try to manage your way around the course so that you avoid shots that make you uncomfortable.
  15. Wow, just read through all 12 pages of this thread. I had been playing 714 AP2s since they first came out in the fall of 2013. Liked them, never loved them. Previously, played Mizunos. Actually played my best golf ever with MP62s. In May of 2018, I had a heart attack, nothing too serious, but during cardiac rehab, I noticed I was losing lots of weight and muscle mass. Also, my stomach was bothering me. Went to the doctor, had an ultrasound, turns out I have liver disease. Good news, the liver is doing OK and functioning, bad news, I lost speed and strength and my AP2s, shafted with DG
  16. I've played a bit of competitive golf, though most of it pretty poorly. Try to enjoy yourself. If you have never experienced it before, be prepared for quite a rush! Stay within yourself and try not to be too distracted by your fellow competitors. Be cordial, bur remember, this is not just a friendly round of golf. Play YOUR game.
  17. I've been playing golf for a long time. Used to carry a 1-iron. Had a 2-iron in my bag for years. First time i hit a hybrid, I thought it was cheating. They are just soooo much easier to hit than long irons. They launch higher and land softer. The longest iron in my bag. currently, is a 4-iron, and that is going to be replaced with a hybrid shortly.
  18. Personally, I do not believe a tip is appropriate for a golf professional. If you really appreciate the work he/she is doing, I would suggest maybe a gift, like a nice bottle of wine.
  19. Played Prairie Bluff yesterday and was reminded how much I enjoy the course. It was in excellent condition and the greens were rolling very nicely. The rough had been cut and you could play out of it, and the fairways seemed pretty firm. My buddy and I teed off around 6:40 a.m. and played as a twosome behind a couple of 4-somes. It seemed like a longish round but we finished in under 4 hours. A really positive experience. Talking about difficult holes in the Chicagoland area made me think of #16 at Glenwoodie. Haven't played there in probably 25 (or more) years, but remember #16 as one v
  20. I look at this as the players who made the most out of limited natural physical abilities. Corey Pavin definitely comes to mind. Also these players: Paul Azinger Zach Johnson Mike Weir Kevin Na
  21. I played a set of Powerbuilt Thouroghbreds back in the 70s. Pretty neat clubs. They had a very small cavity back and the shaft fit over the hosel.
  22. I bought a pair last year. They are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. No problems, whatsoever, with traction. Only beef is they are not waterproof/water resistant. Oh well, guess you can't have everything.
  23. My $.02, FWIW, Any time I get a chance to play a course that has hosted the U.S. Open, I take it. Have been fortunate enough to play 6 courses that have hosted the U.S. Open and have not regretted any of them, regardless of what I paid for the experience.
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