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  1. This would be perfect for me. I am looking to work on keeping my arms and body connected in the off-season.
  2. Was the DJ putter a limited release or is it coming back in the spring? I had no idea it would be off of the taylormade website so soon.
  3. Hey guys, A co-worker of mine is an avid golfer and one of the first things I noticed about his pre-shot routine is that he will take his practice swings and then wipes any moisture off of the club face on to the outside of his left pant leg, near the leg opening. His wife, who also works with us know that we talk about golf all of the time and asked me if there is anything she should buy him for Christmas other than his regular pro-v1s. I remember seeing a picture on instagram for a new golf pant that has a flip up thing a the leg opening, specifically for wiping down clubs when you get out o
  4. I'm surprised Hideki Matsuyama isn't mentioned more in this tread. Him, Scott and Stenson would be my current top 3.
  5. Hey WRXers, I'm going to be going down to Charleston, SC for Thanksgiving (flying in Wednesday, flying out Saturday afternoon). I've never flown with clubs so I'd prefer to just bring some balls, tees, and my rangefinder and rent clubs. From a quick google search, it looks like I'm staying right in between Shadowmoss and Links at Stono Ferry. My question is: What courses would you recommend for rounds on Thursday and Friday? I should probably also add that I'm not looking to play super-expensive or ridiculously challenging courses, just get my golf fix.
  6. CMB with XTD forged as backups. Unfortunately, I don't think Adams will be producing irons near this quality moving forward.
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