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  1. Caledonia and True Blue both designed by Mike Strantz. Both good courses. Would play either of them before Pawleys.
  2. Caledonia for your splurge round- better than the 3 you list. Grande Dunes Resort Course is centrally located. Don't think Long Leaf is near Myrtle Beach?
  3. Of course you aren't really playing golf at all if you aren't keeping score. Agree that practicing on the course is far better than hitting range balls.
  4. It may depend on the nature/source of your back pain. At 73 y/o my back muscles get tired and spasm when I ask too much of them. Spasms occur several times a year, and if I rest 4-7 days I can play again. That said I just took a quick trip south and played 7 straight days after a summer where I payed over 100 rounds. Stretching and lots of ice immediately after every time I play help a lot. I keep the ice packs on for at least an hour and sometimes longer, and if necessary will ice my back on days I don't play. This has happened often enough that I can feel when the muscles are getting tired. Played the second 9 of one of the rounds last week wondering if I could finish, but took an extra club on each shot and swung easily. Also believe Blue Emu helps.
  5. Late March/early April is pretty much prime time for Myrtle Beach so the prices will be a bit higher. Good courses are too numerous to name, but as suggested in an earlier post it will depend on where you stay and how far you want to travel. Not hard to drive 45 minutes or more to a golf course in the greater Myrtle Beach area.
  6. Rent a condo at Treetops. Virtually no driving and some pretty good golf. https://www.treetops.com/
  7. Just spent a week in Georgia playing on burmuda, and my Sub 70 699 Pro irons worked fine. If you are looking for something that is quite forgiving but will work on different surfaces these might work.
  8. Pure DTX. Enough texture for a secure grip without being abrasive. Wears very well.
  9. How many golfers around the world really have a chance to make $1,000,000/year? 200? 300? Even if it's 500 the best 500 in many professions even outside of sports make that much and probably more.
  10. As often happens when a question arises of who makes the "best" or "most forgiving" clubs you got responses that listed most of the major manufacturers. Fortunately for golf consumers they all make excellent, forgiving clubs designed for a wide variety of golfers. In the end it's up to your personal preference.
  11. Also have the Gore-tex Ecco's. Not my most comfortable shoe, but dry.
  12. Nope. If it's more than a light mist I stay home.
  13. If I had a chance to play with a pro golfer doubt these guys would be in my top 5.
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