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  1. Lot's of ways to demo clubs at little/no cost. Callaway Preowned and Sub 70 for instance. If all else fails I just buy something that interests me, and sell it if it doesn't work out.
  2. The only way I know if a new club (driver, putter, irons) is going to work for me is to play them on the golf course for a month.
  3. Had the S20 which worked fine. Recently got the S40 which to me is worth the price difference. Lots of side buttons on the S20 and the current S12 take a while to learn how they function. The touch screen S40 is much easier to use on the course.
  4. The over sized- presumably perimeter weighted club- is always going to be the more forgiving club as a matter of physics, but that doesn't make it it the right club for every golfer.
  5. Recently moved to lighter/graphite shafts and kept the same shaft in all my irons. Works fine.
  6. People who want to cheat at golf or how their handicap is maintained are probably going to find a way to do it.
  7. Already disrespected whatever that is.
  8. When did we let simple disagreement become shaming? Play what you want to play and stop being so easily offended.
  9. Have not carried a three wood in at least 5 years. Off the tee it wasn't significantly more accurate than my driver, and off the deck having a three wood just encouraged me to try shots that I shouldn't.
  10. I live on a lake in the northeast. Over the past 5-10 years the number of very windy days on the lake has increased dramatically. Climate change may be part of what you are experiencing.
  11. Moved to lighter shafts for all clubs in the past year and results where positive. Noticeably less fatigued when playing multiple days in a row.
  12. Capitalism at it's very finest.
  13. How much golf did he play? Lessons alone won't make you score better.
  14. There are a few rules differences you should know as already stated, but like stroke play it's not beating yourself that matters most. Don't get too distracted by the different format- play each shot with full focus.
  15. Have had my 699 Pros (6-GW) and 54/58 JB wedges for about 2 months and have been very impressed with them.
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