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  1. 80 rounds so far. Hope to get another 6-10 before winter really sets in.
  2. Personal preference but big irons tend to have more bounce, more offset and wider soles some or all of which may not suit a particular player.
  3. I have used a five hybrid for several years. More versatile from rough and sand than a five iron.
  4. Everybody gets 14 clubs. I don't really care how someone else decides to set up their bag. Want to carry 2 drivers, a "chipper", all hybrids and fairway woods, 4 wedges - have at it if that helps your scores or your enjoyment of the game. The "jacked loft" problem was invented on golf forums. No need to save the uneducated golfers from "unscrupulous" manufacturers either.
  5. You might benefit more from newer shaft technology more than head design.
  6. Nearest point of relief has very little to do with what side of the path you are on, and will vary depending on whether you are right or left handed for a particular circumstance.
  7. If you aren't playing the game to make a living, then play it to enjoy it- even if you have to change your expectations. Golf is hard and progress is not linear. Agree with the comments that getting a consistent, effective pre-shot routine for grip, posture and alignment often is better than focusing on positions. Realize that the best players in the world routinely have scores that vary by 5-7 shots. if your best scores are in the low 80's, you will have lots of rounds in the high 80's. Nothing you can do about it. That's golf.
  8. Mixed results with Trues. Several have been great including the recent True Knit. Others have not been as comfortable and didn't hold up well. Recently bought Skechers and very comfortable so far.
  9. If I am reading this thread right we have just destroyed the entire golf manufacturing industry. All putters are the same. All iron designs play the same. New shafts are just like old ones. No lob wedges. So there really only needs to be one company making equipment and they only need to make one line of clubs that should work for everyone?
  10. I prefer very light shoes. True Knit is the lightest I have found and very comfortable. Also have Adidas Boost which are almost as light and good for walking.
  11. Found the Epic Flash Sub Zero to be longer and more accurate for me.
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