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  1. It’s embarrassing what they’re putting on these guys. The shirts Finau and Fleetwood were wearing the last two days are ridiculous.
  2. I’m at NikeGolf Stan but Fleetwood’s (and Finau’s) shirt is an abomination
  3. How’s the fit? Curious on sizing? I’m typically an 11 but even with the original Victory Tour’s I had to go wide. These look even more narrow to my eye. Curious your thoughts.
  4. What happened to the white/grey and black colorways for the VT2? They’re no longer on NDC. Sold out?
  5. I really like the look of these and the fact there’s some recycled material is interesting. Wonder how much traction you get from the soles? That’s my only concern. And for $70 that’s a good price point.
  6. https://www.nike.com/t/air-zoom-infinity-tour-nrg-golf-shoe-LL9jcf/CZ4963-100
  7. Matthew Wolff in the VT2s today. White/Grey colorway.
  8. 1 Dozen Taylormade TP5 balls. #24 with TROY stamped on the side. Just spin too much for me. Asking $32.50 shipped
  9. This pic here has me sold. Not this colorway because I don't ever wear lime green, but the shoe itself looks good to me. And as others have said, I bet it's uber comfortable.
  10. What store? I'd love to snag some if they're available online for that price.
  11. Have a handful of Nike Golf polos for sale. Most of which are XL. Only the two orange polos are L. Asking $20/polo. Shipping included to CONUS. If you'd like more than 1 polo I'm more than happy to work out some kind of bulk pricing. Just PM me.
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