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  1. > @gswanso2 said: > What is amino vital? https://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+is+amino+vital&p=1
  2. While we are talking about records... fastest ever to Page 2 Price Drop?! Came for the comments, did not disappoint. GLWS!
  3. Haha...The WRX Kanye Move: "I'm gonna let you finish, but here's my reply first!" *Natural Transition* Shows up on the first tee dressed like I'm sponsored by Nike, plays like Charles Barkley (okay not that bad, but you get that idea).
  4. I was in the exact same boat, went from 710 AP2s to a WRXers Mizuno combo set MP-H4 (4i), MP-54 (5i & 6i), MP-64 (7i - PW). Picked them up for about $275 in the dead of winter 2015...have stayed in the bag ever since. Sticking with Mizuno irons for the foreseeable future. Crazy to think I've used the same clubs for 2 years! The WRX itch is kicking in as I am typing this.... Must. Resist. JPX900 Tours and MP18 SCs.
  5. Ping G LST Titleist 816H1 and SM6s TM M1 3W Mizuno Irons Odyssey 7H = 5
  6. Have to agree with the recurring names in this thread, but quick plug for Andrew "Beef" Johnston -- followed him for a couple holes at the Farmers. Doesn't stick out as your traditional "classy" guy, but gave high-fives and fist bumps to everyone (children to adults) walking between holes, and acknowledged all the "Go BEEEF!" cheers. Comes off as someone who genuinely appreciates his fans and won't let the fame change his demeanor.
  7. IMO it comes down to where you are practicing -- I've done basketball shorts and a tank in 98 deg weather at a muni course, versus full tee-time attire at a classier semi-private course. FWIW, I always bring my golf shoes to the range though -- never hurts to break them in a bit more and I could never get used to full swings in casual or running shoes. How's the saying go? Dress for the course you want to be a member at, not the course you're playing at? *sarcasm*
  8. If I know I'm spending an afternoon on the course for range sess and 18+ holes, I usually go with UA or Nike Pro compression shorts.
  9. Leupold GX-4i2 range finder two years ago. Will probably never need to replace it -- and if so, definitely going with another Leupold. Great customer service (quick Leupold plug).
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