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  1. Looking for an instructor to fix my driver swing. Most other aspects of my game are good, but this outside in with my driver, I cant seem to fix. Need help! Twin cities .
  2. So, I've not been able to get out since the lift on the ban. Tried to get a single tee time and was told 630pm at three different courses. But i'm interested in getting feedback from the community here on how its playing out ( pun fully intended).
  3. Our Governor announced that Golfing, hiking, and boating are to be opened up!! Must follow restrictions and social distancing. I hope we all follow them carefully as we could lose this just as easily as it was taken away. But its GREAT news.
  4. iowa here I come. Maybe Kansas.
  5. Yeah, I walk most often too. Except Victory Links. Bought Bag Boy Tri Swivel. And its nice, but I still prefer to just pick up and drop off bag . Ohio just announced that courses may remain open.
  6. John Potter from Prestwick started petition to get governor to allow courses to stay open. 15k signatures . I believe it will happen. I'm going to be walking these next few rounds, so considering following another thread about carrying fewer clubs. Setting up my bag today. Driver, 22degree Hybrid, 6, 8, 9, Gap, 54 and 58, and putter. Ordered Sun Mountain 2.5+ bag
  7. Anyone know of the status of course opening of closure situation due to Virus? Going to be in the 50's next week
  8. Anyone know if any our Mn courses will be opening up soon?
  9. Love Willingers. But have most often scored it well. Toughest, . StoneRidge over in Woodbury. That course kicks my a..
  10. Well, I went out and played at The Refuge yesterday and today at Stonebrook as we have a heavy storm with about a foot of snow predicted for Wed and Thursday. Was nice while it lasted.
  11. I found a Taylormade Burner Bubble, 2 wood, that I was out hitting today. Kinda fun and very long when struck in the middle.
  12. Signed up a few weeks/a month ago and played Persimmon at Anthem and Seville course in Phoenix. Enjoyed both rounds and staff and staff were really friendly, along with members I got paired with. Then played Dinah Shore and Palmer at Mission Hills in Palm Springs, also totally fun. Dinah much more so than Palmer, but still fun. Tomorrow, I head to OKC, playing Oak Tree on Friday, Trails of Norman on Sat and The Greens on Sunday. Weather looks a bit sketchy but better than the snow and rain here in Mn. Will post reviews next week. So far, I'm very happy with the Travel membership.
  13. close to the airport and worth playing, Encena. Troon facility and almost always in very good condition. Landing at 2:30, you'll be lucky to get in 9. Taquitz does have driving range and close to airport. I did read that there was some impact fro the rains, but shouldn't be an issue in a few weeks. And for additional round, without housing, I would recommend Eagle Falls in Indio. Clubhouse is in a trailer and A weird location behind the Fantasy Springs casino. But the course is one of my favorites that is not private.
  14. A little late on this as MaxBuck seems as set on PGA,(which is great, IMO). Father in law is member at Mission Hills and Tamarisk. about to drop Mission Hills. Tamarisk is a very walkable and pretty easy course. Mostly set up the a more "aged" membership. Vastly Jewish, as is my Father in Law. They are remaining there as the social portion is more important then the golf. The course as ALWAYS in immaculate condition. But not where I would want to play daily. And the food there is fantastic. I would have a hard time deciding between Mission Hills and PGA. I love the Dinah Shore course, but not so much the Palmer. Player and Dye quite nice too. I believe I would end up choosing PGA. I did play Andulsia last week and it was fantastic. They were recently purchased by Sunrise Corp and I think more aggressively looking for members. It's a wonderful layout. Tee to green. And very friendly staff and the members I played with. I might look into that one a bit further.
  15. Played Eagle Falls last week. Course in great condition. Also look at Underpar.com for some pretty good options. I played The S club and Nicklaus Courses at very good deals. Also Andulusia, but had hookup for that private course. Super nice. When you fly in , if you look out the window , you'll see the number of courses there. Its awesome. I love the palm trees and snow capped peaks surrounding you. Very, very, pretty area of the country. Enjoy.
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