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  1. If you're on the fence about trying one of these you won't find a better deal for a brand new Bradley putter.
  2. I'm selling an absolutely brand new Exputt unit. None of the products have been opened. This unit has the newest software update on it that was not available on the original units. These sell for $400 USD plus shipping cost on the Exputt website. I own another unit and have no need for a 2nd. SOLD
  3. Always looking for more...and yes, definitely running out of room on my wall
  4. I have 3 brand new left handed Bradley centershafted putters. All have been wall hangers since I ordered them and have never seen grass. They are as unique as they come. If you want something no one else has in their bag/collection, these are it. 1) Bradley Luna centershaft 35" length. Made of hardened mango wood, no acrylic in this head. Weighs in the range of 350-360g. Comes with brown leather logo'ed Best Grip and comes with brand new Bradley blade putter cover asking $300 USD including shipping 2) Bradley mid mallet centershaft 35" length. Made of hardened Bocote wood, no acrylic in this h
  5. Any more info on he watch or release date?
  6. Is there anything different about the sensors on V3 based on the info they released?
  7. > @mattmatt300 said: > Picked up this den caddy today to hold my rapidly growing collection. Byron Morgan DH89 and 006 are both headed my way to fill out the caddy a little more. > > Very nice
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