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  1. I keep and play the Pro V and basically give the rest away to friends that usually lose them by the bunch.
  2. I just picked up my TM 2014 TP MC with KBS tour shafts and love this iron and shaft combo. I always played Titleist MB blades (690) and have to say these feel and look as good (which is saying a lot) but are longer, and very forgiving. This summary is spot on: http://www.golfmagic.com/equipment/ten-of-the-best/ten-of-the-best-player-irons-2014/18986-9.html
  3. I thought the coverage was great and the commentary was fantastic.
  4. The 905R(Rombax) and 910(whiteboard) will be the last drivers in my bag. I usually rotate these two in my setup. It took me a long time to find the perfect driver/shaft combo and nothing new has worked better.
  5. I get the same results with many shafts. This is not that unusual according to what I was told by a Ping rep on a demo day. It has something to do with the x flex having more stability at the tip. Maybe this is why very low torque shafts usually work best for my swing.
  6. I'm 47 years old, 4.2 index mostly with push cart but I play my best golf when I carry (shot 74 yesterday while carrying). I find with carrying I am more engaged and tuned in with my round. I guess I'm blessed and fortunate for still being able to carry and I try not to take my health for granted....so if I'm a sucker(strange choice of word, OP) then so be it. Power carts is for "suckers" who have their health. Having said that, I really do not care how others golf as long as they respect other players.
  7. Yes, in fact I have two complete sets of the same clubs. It took me a while to do this because the equipment is older classic stuff but it was worth it. I keep one set at my overseas home and one here with me.
  8. [quote name='mikec3672' timestamp='1424655050' post='11007333'] I owned the 975d and the 983 K and E, plus the 905R (spin machine). All great heads in their own right, but due to ball changes over the years (as well) to match modern club head design advancement and technology they really are not really that relevant anymore. No one on tour is carry anything before the 910, and as a prior poster wrote, most of the staffers are on to the 915. [/quote] But try some of those classic heads mentioned above with today's much better shafts and you will see the difference. Tour players have littl
  9. Long gone are the days of the simple yet beautiful Titleist black and white leather bags. Look at some of the ugly Nike bags Tiger has been using lately. What's happened to the golf styles these days?
  10. [quote name='phizzy30' timestamp='1419030771' post='10618589'] [quote name='HighSpeedScene' timestamp='1419030578' post='10618573'] I hear you - currently shopping for a convertible coupe that will fit my 7 children, a double stroller, and groceries. If you find me that, I'll find you the inexpensive forgiving blades. [/quote] Bingo. Titleist doesn't make forgiving blades. [/quote] Total BS.
  11. 690 dot or no dot is an excellent choice.... I have both and there really is no difference in feel and performance. The 690MB were so good that Titleist decided to bring them back in the mid 2000s (slightly more upright and longer shaft though). The head is the same otherwise. I use to play MP33 for years before trying a used set of the 690 and never looked back. Arguably some of the best feeling and nicest looking irons made. The 695MB are a bit softer feel (and less classic looking) but for some reason I lost half a club in distance.
  12. Titleist 6 series blades from 15 years ago are still the best they ever made IMO. I have a couple of sets of 690MB and I'm hoping these last me for the next 30 years.
  13. [quote name='BIG STU' timestamp='1413768333' post='10317095'] Excellent! I know some of the snowbirds down here do it with more modern equipment. Keep one set up north and the other set down here saves on airline costs. I did in the past sometimes acquire 2 of the same club or sets for different reasons in case one got damaged from play. But that is impressive how you put together two duplicate sets from rare Titleist clubs and the bags are hard to find also [/quote] Thanks. It wasn't easy to find this stuff and it took me about one year.
  14. Anyone else here obsessed with creating a duplicate set of their favorite golf equipment? I did this so I can keep one bag at my second home overseas. In my case this was difficult because I'm old school and really love my classic Titleist equipment which is tough to find in great condition. I play 690MB, 905R driver, 906F4 3 wood and Scotty Classic Newport, but I did it finally (only my hybrids are different 585h vs 910h). Through a bit of luck and persistence I found everything in almost mint condition and was able to build this copy set for about $600. The hardest part was finding the i
  15. And another useless and stupid thread talking about why someone shouldn't keep their job..... way too many judgemental people on these boards who have nothing better to do with their time.
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