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  1. more gold from Alex Evans and European tour pro Paul Waring, without a doubt some of the best content on youtube, enjoy.
  2. thanks all, good advice all round! I also found this which sort of encapsulates everything that people have said, the first few minutes are great.
  3. it's 8 over 3 rounds if I have a driver or any wood in my hand, I'm just target focused, and don't think about technique because I trust it. But with an iron I just don't trust the technique so I'm always looking for positions etc instead of being target focused.
  4. that is very true. yep, it would be great to be able to get a regular swing coach to check out my swing, unfortunately I live a part of the world where good coaches are hard to find, and those that are available are very expensive. onwards and upwards though !
  5. not really, if it's short I'm scared I'll shank it, if it's long I'm worried I'll push it a mile right.
  6. over the last three rounds I have missed 5 fairways, but only hit 8 greens in reg. I feel so nervous over any iron shot and have a million things going through my head and just cant make a swing. With a driver or wood, I feel so confident, can hit high, low draw or fade, I love hitting woods. But with an iron everything is so jerky and robotic. I don't know if I need a shrink or some lessons. I just wanted to let off a bit of steam, but if anyone has any ideas that would be great
  7. looks super cool,but $4k is $2k over my budget
  8. Well the PGA is normally the least interesting Major of the year, but so far it has been absolutely terrific. Great course layout, loads of wind and some stellar golf being played, should be a blast later today
  9. Alex Evans is the only youtuber worth watching.
  10. Such a good video, wow I do exactly what they talk about, rotate round my right side, and not move it back! thanks!
  11. just trying to be a bit more consistent, my wrists break down after impact, and this leads to pretty high shots. When my timing is great I play well, but if it's off I'm rubbish
  12. yep big time EE, need to fix, this as its a new occurance
  13. thanks All, here are a couple of videos, of me trying to rotate. To answer some questions, the pro gave me some 'rotation' drills to do without the ball, pulling a bungee to feel rotation and a couple of other bits, but after the lesson I sort of felt I was missing some pieces. Once I've swing back to the top of my backswing I feel stuck and can't move anywhere and find it hard to do any sort of 'rotation'. yes the video is pretty similar to what he wanted me to do. he said I was a 'rotational' player after putting me on some force plates, and saying 'look your weight goes here
  14. I recently had a lesson, where the coach called me a rotational player, and said that I need to rotate hard in the downswing with the handle going low and left, to try and get the club path more neutral instead of 7* from the inside. He gave me a couple of drills, but I cant seem to do anything to effect rotation in the downswing. The more I think about it the more I get confused. This might sound stupid - but how do you rotate in the downswing?
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