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  1. Eric's Video is really interesting as this is a move I've just developed to get a but more snap in my swing, but sort of developed this move after watching the Zen golf stuff.
  2. his videos are really interesting, I like the way he gets everyone to focus on the target and not get fixed on the ball, and get's them shifting weight. But most of all I like the smiles on peoples faces at the end of the videos. I think golf instruction has gotten so far up it's own backside trying to be psuedo scientific that this comes as a nice change.
  3. interested in this too, anyone who has had an online lesson from him have any progress updates?
  4. bought this as I have been using the no swing back swing for some time now, interesting to see that the transistion/downswing is very similar to what Mike M. and Jake Hutt are trying to explain. It's the method I've been working towards most of the year and it's nice to see Monte explain it with a different view point to the other two guys.
  5. I have a set of Srixon 585 irons with Myazaki 50g shafts in the which are terrific, 1" short 3 flat, perfect!!
  6. does anyone using this app have any more feedback?
  7. why do people get so worked up about early extension, its not the end of the world, watch this video or Payne Stewart, stick a cursor on him bum and see where it goes.https://youtu.be/yLZzA6W9EHs?t=56
  8. thanks all for the comments, earlier in the year I had a lesson from a very good pro and we worked on 'rotating' and getting open at impact (the 'on trend' way of teaching) I worked hard and was flushing the ball on the range and on the course, but then everything went pear shaped. After my last disastrous round I had a good chat with a very good player, told him what was happening and he basically told me to stop working on it and go back to whatever swing thought I had when I was last playing well. Then concentrate on working on shots around the green and better course management and I will
  9. the miss is a horrible thin shot that scoots off to the right, never hit that shot before, my bad shot was always fat or a shank :-) will post a video later, but for now its time to go back to basics, good setup and monte's no turn drill, which helped me out.
  10. I am thinking that I could be overplayed too, I've played a lot of golf recently, more than ever.Maybe two weeks off without touching a club and all will be good again
  11. so this year I have gone from playing my best golf ever, to being almost unable to hit an iron. I have no idea what has happened, but when I play a round I just have no clue what will happen when I pull an iron out of my bag. This is driving me crazy, I am crushing my driver, and putting well, but cant hit an iron and have no clue what I should do.
  12. he's right. The ball goes too far, make it spin more and see how they get on.
  13. the driver is my favorite club, I hit the middle more than I do on a 5 iron. I don't think I'll change anything, just try and get a bit stronger
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