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  1. I do the same stretches every evening, but I'm also trying to work these into my routine. you can do them with a PVC pipe and give a better stretch
  2. I use a Blastmotion which records the Tempo, its a great tool
  3. plenty earlier in the thread, I cant remember where mine is, but just search me as author in this thread.
  4. if you aren't watching Alex Evans you are really missing out on some great content with European Tour player Paul Waring
  5. Wilson Staff just produce great quality products at good prices, year after year. I'm always amazed that more people dont play them - me included!!
  6. does anyone know the difference between the 2017 and 2015 OnOff forged models? I know the 2017 are 'champagne' colour but not much else. The 2017 models are considerably cheaper, so I'm guessing they are a different forging?
  7. Proquip's parent company recently went bust and I'm not sure what will happen to the brand now. Much of their stock is now extremely cheap with UK retailers. I hope someone can snap up the company because they make excellent value gear
  8. I have finally finished my bag of B330 RX which I bought in 2016, they are just the best balls I've used. Lurking around in this back where a few 'Bridgestone Lady Precept' with a blue font, these felt great in the harsh cold wind here in Munich, and I wondered if anyone knew anything about them
  9. I've narrowed my year long search down to these two bags. I'll be carrying the bags and want something that is tough and easy to carry. The Flextech is a little heavier than the 3.5 but it seems better made, the 3.5 seems to be made out of bin liners - but it gets lots of good reviews. Can anyone give any advice?
  10. I'm 50 and always carry unless it's raining when I normally push. We play a lot of hilly courses and it's easier to carry than drag a cart about.
  11. so bummed that TM destroyed Adams golf, makes me so sad.
  12. Adams Tight Lies 2 are great off the deck
  13. I think you are right, I'll spend the money and go with the the best.
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