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  1. At the start of the year I was working on some Jake Hutt moves for fairway woods, and irons which are basically the same concept as Monte has here. So it's great to see my favorite coaches preaching the same ideas and pretty easy concepts to understand and implement. for ref, some of Jake's stuff. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_p-l1QF6-i https://www.instagram.com/p/B1hXURqlRKP Jake Hutt, PGA (@jakehuttgolf) • Instagram photos and videos
  2. OnOff Forged 2015 heads in good condition
  3. REST IS BEST. stop playing immediately. Never ever hit from a hard surface again. invest in graphite shafts. get thicker grips. if you are an office worker change your mouse to an upright ergo mouse MORE REST. deep tissue massage on the effected arm strengthen your fingers and forearms, use a theraband or towel follow my playlist
  4. this is the only good thing that has happened to my game, throwing from the top for fairway woods, it is absolutely gold
  5. I'm in a very similar position to yourself, the more I practice the worse I get, my season has been a right off. Next year the only practise I will do is structured short game work and then random short game, no irons or drivers.
  6. new content all the time, lots of smiling faces.
  7. I've been wanting to buy a set of clubs from Japan for as long as I can remember, but keep missing out on the ones I think will suit me. I know exactly what I want (I think), but when I do some digging into the shafts I'm not too sure. I want a nice players distance club (Bridgestone X-CBP etc) with a regular graphite shaft (something equivalent to recoil 780 F3). When I check the auctions in Japan almost all shafts are rated as stiff, are they really stiff or are they Regular marked up as stiff, its hard to know I guess. on the Bridgestone site for their game improvement irons the new 202CBP, all the shafts are 'stiff', but the corresponding swing speeds are what I would class as regular, below is driver swing speed of 40m/s which is 90mph (ish) and these shafts are all labelled as stiff. Can any one help me out please?
  8. I think this guy is great and the this Dryvebox portable simulator coaching setup is just so cool , there is a great article about it here https://golf.com/instruction/dryvebox-mobile-driving-range-golf-more-accessible/?ltclid=551c0d59-da39-4976-b2ab-a431128ea2a8 would love to see something like this in Germany!
  9. interesting, how do you mean transparency? I always thought the NL guy Eric to be pretty upfront and honest.
  10. any info on feel, ball flight. I've seen the TXG video and it looks good - nothing bad to say about the clubs. But I've not seen much real world feedback from people playing these, anyone?
  11. Do any PF2 owners have any more feedback, I just love the way these look, it reminds me of some batman logos from the 70s. I'm really tempted but just not sure if I have the game for them and might wait for the PF3s, or 902s.
  12. Thank you all for the feedback. I continue to have issues when playing in competitions, but had a small chink of light last weekend when I shot +2, I played just so well, but by myself and no one else was on the course, there was no stress, no rushing, no worrying about playing fast or holding anyone up. And I think this is where my game goes wrong, I play fast naturally, but when I'm playing in a group I get wound up about holding other players up that I just rush and am not prepared to hit the shot. I've written this season off, but can laugh at my game which is falling to pieces, it is after all only a game.
  13. has anyone ever taken a lesson from Colin McCarthy (https://colin.golf), or know anything about him. I heard a couple of pocasts he was in and he sounds very interesting, he takes into account injury, illness, personal fitness levels when trying to improve someone. I would love to find someone near me who would do the same, rather than the cookie cutter approach that I see so often.
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