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  1. pxg 6 weeks plus in EU. but this seems to be due to the way they ship, which is bulk shipping rather than individual items
  2. yes the prices are insane, driven by the need to pay for marketing etc - and the fact that people on here will pay them.
  3. mine where supposed to ship today after 6 week lead time. 2 weeks ago I asked if the order could be modified slightly to change lie angle to 2* flat, I was told it couldnt be as this part of the build process was already done. Hopefully they ship soon
  4. Danny has been doing this for years on youtube, hardly a copy
  5. I have very skinny hands and arms, and I've tried lots of things to strengthen them, but the only thing that gives real relief are larger grips. The bigger grips immediately reduce the gripping tension which leads to pain in the finders and also golfers elbow. You can swap one grip out on your set and test it, loads of videos on youtube about how to regrip.
  6. no, they are purchased via the UK website and there is no duty for DE purchases. But the lead time 6 weeks, so I'm guessing they are bulk made distributed to somewhere in Europe, then dispatched from their. I paid 850 euros for 6-GW, Gen 3, which is ok. TBH I would have rather supported NLG, but it would have been over 1000 euro including shipping tax etc
  7. love the Dr Kwon stuff, just remember keep it simple guys, dont over think it and let the forces flow.
  8. they look great, I really wanted to get some but the import duty into the EU is just a deal breaker. Went with some PXG Gen 3, for a steal. Might look back at the NL later in the year
  9. Adams Tight Lies 2 Titanium 5Wood. /stop thread/
  10. Ordered from PXG UK on friday - excellent chat with Mike in sales, but they wont be here for 6 weeks, I'm guessing that the clubs are being built in the US and shipped out. There is snow on the ground so I'm not overly bothered about the delay. It will be my first ever set of custom fit clubs - and not the brand I was planning to buy, but the price is very good and the clubs perform pretty well
  11. get a cheap A flex shaft from ebay and stick it in your driver, I think you will be surprised at how well it plays.
  12. planning to remove the weights on the PXG irons I just ordered so I can remove the paint fill. I have previously done this using a soldering iron, heat the iron and then put it on the weight, it 'should' generate enough localised heat to remove the screws - thats the plan anyway
  13. 6 week delivery here in Europe
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