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  1. I would really prefer the head only would consider shafted( especially with a S300 or rifle 5.5) no graphite please and in great condition. needs to be shipped to Canada. thank you
  2. I am using Red Komodo right now for a custom leather mallet cover and he has been fantastic to deal with!
  3. putter is sold! I love the look of short slant and flow neck putters, alas the feelings are never returned! moving back to a something for a straight back and through stroke. I did use it for about 4 rounds. only brush marks are on the weights. I reshafted it with a flat black shaft from putter lounge. It currently plays 33 inches I have the original shaft with stock Scotty grip and it will play to 34 inches. It will be included. Original cover included and hasn’t been used. currently the grip is a Garsen quad tour. I got this from a friend to try and it was a previous pull. It did get pretty chewed up when it was pulled, I can included a blue Iomic X or Yes branded Iomic std. grip to replace it. only trade would be towards a Swag gold/green jacket mallet cover or Ventus blue or red w/ velocore in Reg. Flex. A Titleist surefit tip would be perfect. $950 shipped and insured Shipping from Canada so please allow for delays crossing the border, buyer is responsible for any fees crossing the border. Price is in USD by PayPal( please click seller receives total in USD) Thank you for looking! Adam
  4. 1 item, great looking shaft I won’t use it. got a new wedge and pulled this right away. It is right from Vokey as it was a wedgeworks order. length is 34 inches tip to grip(will play 1/2 over in a 58/60) grip is GP bct cord. It is logo up $65 shipped OBO only trade is towards a surefit driver tip(ferrule a bonus) or Ck red 60hy hybrid shaft with a surefit tip to play std. in a 19” head I am shipping from Canada and would need the trade shipped up.
  5. Just the 1 wedge left I have the stock shafts for both and can include if needed. Both are tour chrome 2) SM8 56-12 D grind. - love this grind! Again only about 6 rounds I didn’t play much after getting it. So face is really clean with the exception of the toe has a decent rock ding. It is not into the grooves at all $90 shipped. OBO Not really looking for much in trade. Sure fit driver tip, 25 gram copper Scotty weights.
  6. Only 1 item PX Handcrafted Red in 5.5 flex It has a oem Titlesit surefit tip. It has a little paint that came off during the pull. it is 44 inch tip to grip and plays to 45(TSi head) $100 shipped OBO trade towards a shaft for my TS hybrid very specific. Tensei pro red in reg flex for 19 with a surefit tip. Or any nice FJ polo’s size XL or cool mid mallet cover. Please shipped to Canada.
  7. Drop for each item by $10 wedges $125 each or $225 for the pair $130 for the Tensei
  8. Taking it off the market. Pair of Vokey SM8 edges in brushed steel finish. 48* F grind and 54-10 S grind. Great shape, maybe 8 rounds on them with no practice. Shafts are I95 steel fiber in stiff flex. Grip is red/black MCC plus4 48 plays to 36.5 inches 54 is 36.0 that is 3/4 inch over length of Titleist stock. NOW! $125 each or $225 for the pair. New Tensei Raw white. Out of a TSi. 75-Stiff total length is 43 5/8 tip to butt tip to first graphic is 26.5 inches NOW $130 shipped. Please add $5 west of Mississippi. Shipping from Canada so will be a little slow. Only trades would be for Tour chrome 58 low bounce K grind, 54-12 D grind. Head preferred for both but not necessary. Some sort of cool mid-mallet shape putter cover(partial to Scotty and going on a SC putter) Thanks for looking!
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