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  1. I love that I can use the back button on my phone and computer. It does not refresh the entire page causing me to have to scroll back down and find what I was looking at.
  2. Solid set up! You sent off your gamer putter for refurb without having a back up ready?! NOT the golfwrx way! post some pics of all those spare flat sticks.
  3. The anticipation of seeing those TW13's and having to scroll all down to see that they are not my size was absolutely heart breaking. I think I held me breath the whole time.
  4. I have 125 $ tapers in my srixon 745's and I love them. They aren't to heavy and dispersion is excellent for me. They are pricey if you buy them new but can be had on the bay and BST for around 150 or so. I'd say price is the only con for me.
  5. I'm loving that putter. Can't go wrong with black on black
  6. I woud LOVE to get my hands on a set of these custom callaway irons. I have never had a brand new set of custom clubs and I would love to make all my Air Force golfing buddies jealous. Hook an airman up!!!
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