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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll keep these irons for a few more years then. Maybe get them regripped and re-hoseled. I actually did upgrade to the Ping G410 Plus last week and am loving the extra forgiveness. So much that I ordered the 3w as well. Need to update my WITB. Thanks again!
  2. Hello all! Currently gaming XR Pro irons. My miss is a hook left with longer irons off the tee. Are GI irons today much better in terms of forgiveness, or will I just see marginal gains? I’m mainly looking for more forgiveness across the face while still maintaining distance. I’ve been looking at Ping and Mizuno irons. I don’t really need the most recent models and would like to save a little money if I do upgrade. Any suggestions?
  3. Not saying I don't believe you, but I don't think the hardest, least spinny ball in the world would run for 30 feet after landing on an upslope... on a fluffy slow green... from a 20 yard flop shot. It’s fine if you don’t believe me, I know what I saw. But trust me, both my friend and I were at awe when we saw it. Over the entire 18 holes, it was both our consensus that the K3 runs too much for being a 3pc urethane ball. For reference, my normal ball is the ChromeSoft and I also played the Project S that day which reacted much better on the greens. Everything about the K3 performed well
  4. Played 18 with the K3. Everything is great, except performance around the greens. I could not get this ball to check up for me. The greens on this particular course were really fluffy and slow, and the ball still wouldn’t check. There was one shot in particular. I was about 20yds off the green. About 15ft in front of the hole, there’s a slight up-slope which then plateaus off to the hole. I hit a flop shot over the bunker in front of me and landed it on the up-slope. The ball rolled 15ft past the hole. Even my playing partner was amazed that the ball didn’t check up. He also used the ball t
  5. This. I played 9 today with the Cut Grey and loved them. Could they use a little more green side spin? Sure. But they feel great, and comparable distance off the tee to the ChromeSoft I normally use. I also have a trial sleeve of Cut Blue and will try that next, but would order a dozen grey in a heartbeat if they were available right now.
  6. Whenever demoing at a big box store, always take your own driver with you. More than likely the launch monitors are juiced in one way or another (high elevation setting, firm fairway setting, etc) to make you think you're hitting them longer and increase sales. So take your current driver with you and compare differences in yardage instead of the total number.
  7. Hey man, Sorry to hear about the tendonitis. How did it come about? Signed up for a century bike ride later this year to get me back into cycling and went back into it too hard (did a 60mi ride after 2 week back), and kept pushing it. My knees after 18 holes will feel "okay", maybe 5/10 soreness after a round. What do you think?
  8. For those who keep up with his YouTube channel, is this just a compilation of the info he already has on there, or are there extras that I'd find some value in? I just watch a few vids from his channel for the first time after seeing this thread and while the information is great and I'm learning a ton, I feel like he's pretty much explained everything to me already through this free content. Let me know as I'm really interested in investing.
  9. On the GoPro, you can actually set the field of view to "linear" so that you can eliminate the fisheye. You don't get as wide of a field of view, but you also don't get fisheye. With that said, the Casio you mentioned is a nice option.
  10. Hey there, I'm extremely interested in this program, especially with it being so cheap. I'm currently trying to recover/get rid of tendinitis in both knees. Is there anything in this program that helps with that?I currently dedicate about an hour a half towards stretching/rolling/strengthening my legs, so incorporating another 1-2 hours for swing training would eat up a big portion of my day. Thanks!
  11. Hole 19. It's free and everything you could need. Also Apple Watch compatible. Thank me later.
  12. Used both and prefer the feel of the Gamer Soft. I used GS for a couple of boxes but eventually switched over to the Wilson 50 Elite. A little further distance, straighter, and holds greens fine enough for me. Also, it almost readily available at a few bucks cheaper per box.
  13. I have the XR Pros and I didn't find any advantage to having the regular XRs. I find the Pros to be plenty forgiving. If you're having trouble with the 5/6 irons, try using half swings and focus on good contact rather than trying to get full yardage.
  14. Maybe have your fitter arrange to have the correct shafts sent and have the shop re-shaft them in-house. At least you know then the swing weights and all that will be even.
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