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  1. I have the 54WS and the 58 ES...love them both and really enjoy having the variety of different bounces to play different lies. Ordered the 50SS w/ kbs ctaper lite about a month ago and still waiting on it. I'll wait however long it takes they are so gooooooood.
  2. Ordered 2/22... 5-PW ZX7 w/ KBS C-taper lite and pure pro grips, 4Utility and 3hybrid via club champion fitting. Hybrid was surprisingly good. Received email notice 3/15 clubs are in staging.
  3. Ordered 5/20, estimated assembly date 6/19
  4. So much this...did the same thing the 900 Forged GW is far superior.
  5. Second on the Vice gloves....as good as the high end titleist pure touch but considerably less expensive, especially if you take advantage of the price break by getting 3 or more per buy. Outstanding soft feel and good durability
  6. Have had the HM's about a month now, and wow are they great sticks. Replaced my Apex Pros. I found the C-taper Lite to be a great pairing with this iron, high launching and looooong. Picked up at least a club and a half and dispersion is better over my previous set. Going through some swing changes so have not had lie angle fitted yet, but that's coming up later this week. In testing, i did not see any benefit to the forged. HM felt just as good, was more forgiving and launched better for me. I was shocked how little difference there was feel wise, and that's important to me. I haven't played
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