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  1. gioguy21

    Spider EX

    i have the same putter. i have about 15g of lead tape added to the bottom channel. plays 36" with a golf pride pro only grip.
  2. gioguy21

    Spider EX

    i'm the same with regard to the cover. i take care of my tools...and mine had a minor paint chip on the leading edge since i bought it -- other than that no issues. they're a PITA to keep clean tho when the grass is super wet/sandy lol
  3. gioguy21

    Spider EX

    Love mine ! lol use it more than my custom blade -- it's been a game changer for me.
  4. yup. same driver and different color schemes (did it twice - sldr silver/white and the r1 white/black)
  5. i've had this issue with X100s for the longest time and that's the reason i won't game them. i can play plenty of other shafts fine...but for some reason...x100's are a no-no due to the OPs performance.
  6. tradebait -- 1) SWAG fairway or mallet putter covers 2) TBC fairway covers 3) size 11.5W footjoy premieres (long shot lol) 4) Graphite Design DI-7X driver shaft with TM tip
  7. guys - selling this b/c i don't wanna cut it down further for my 5w. 1) Diamana TB 70TX with TM tip - measuring exactly 42.25" from grip to tip (played in my SiM 3w), tipped 1" total, with a brand new MCC +4 midsize grey grip. $225
  8. *repeats over and over* i don't need these...i don't need these...i don't need these...
  9. I made a swing change and needed a bit more launch. Only reason for the swap TBH.
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