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  1. there's no heat man -- i honestly think it was a decent question to bring up. titleist is always late to the party with innovation; they get by on the 'they're not terrible but, they're not awesome either' MO...in this case, the traditional vokey has always sold well so in their eyes, maybe it's a 'why change what's not broken?' mindset... i would honestly really love a higher lofted vokey with full face grooves (ie 56-60)
  2. so you're tellin me that you're calling it a gimmick b/c it's not incorporated in the new line of drivers? technology and development changes -- and you're smart enough to know they have moveable weights in their new TSi line -- there's a distinct possibility that the first iteration was a 'dipping of the toes' in moveable weight from Titleist and they developed it further (leapfrog development, going from the 917 line to the TSi line)... doesn't make it a gimmick -- so you're saying the proven, moveable CG weighting of the taylormade drivers is a gimmick b/c they no longer have it?
  3. i think that whole face grooves on a pitching wedge or gap wedge can be a bit much -- as those clubs are predominantly used on full shots. i think the full face grooves are a bit better on everything from say, 54-62.
  4. ok, pump the brakes a bit. it's not a gimmick if you open up the face on your wedges often - open up your lob wedge to about 2 o'clock and see how many grooves are in the path of the strike... if you did this, you'd know that if you lay the face wide open, there are times when missing it a little higher on the toe and out towards the toe is not uncommon. the Phil wedge had grooves before TM did...well, technically Edel had wedges with the grooves all the way out (in the last 10 years or so that is -- they've made them to have a bit more meat at the topline toe, as well as the full f
  5. i hit a high ball and generally a mid spin player off wedges. i prefer a firmer ball off the putter since i have a deep mill putter (i know, counter intuitive but, that's what i like) -- i'm not one for switching off -- usually i will make a choice for the season and exclusively play that. this year, it's the CSXLS. they really don't spin that much different off wedges...unless you're trying to hit that really low nipping wedge (i don't even generally play this shot that much to be honest)...then the LS will leave you with a little more runout than the ProV.
  6. i went to KBS Tour S+; found they spun more for me and launched a bit higher for me which i like.
  7. odd -- i thought the exact opposite lol i felt like they kicked through the impact area and it always was difficult to time up -- most came out low and dead... *shoulder shrugs*
  8. very happy with my new zipcore wedges now that i got rid of the not so spinny spinner shafts that come std in them.
  9. my current one; b/c it makes putts! lol but seriously -- i'd go for the same putter i have now, in GSS, with a sound slot, limited stamping and a clean mill face. that's my only gripe about my putter that i have now.
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