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  1. when i've been asked this question during demo days i give the same response - "if i hand you the driver on the 18th hole...which flex do you think you'd have the most confidence in?" -that being said, you need to find a flex shaft in the weight, kickpoint, spin, launch that fit you.
  2. typically a shaft that's too much for you will either come out low or go left harder. what you'd do is compensate naturally and end up holding on to it and hitting those pushes. my thought is that its too much for you. you'd be better off going with a stiff or x and putting it straight in, no stepping to work best for you.
  3. Zigs -- be mindful of your swing weight as well -- when you tested them, were they swingweighted the same?
  4. good showing by janealphabet on day 1 with a -3...solid.
  5. he's always had a thin bracelet of some kind on his wrist - not a rubber band.
  6. well, in his defense, he truly saw a little gremlin resembling paul casey running around
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