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  1. my favorite wedge shafts have always been kbs tour in S+, or nippon WV125 shafts. just get tired of always buying them and re-installing them in new wedges. lol
  2. holy orange batman! awesome stuff! - great seller here guys, if i were looking i'd be buying a few things from you lol glws brother
  3. god - why. why must you come out with these, and the new Taylormade mbs in the same year.
  4. oh man that rose gold -- with no sight lines...whew GLWS - they're all glorious
  5. regardless of his length - those couple years he made just about every dang putt he looked at from 3-30' the driving stats are virtually worthless.
  6. well - not sure how that works with me lol - my blades all are naked; no sight aids whatsoever. i'm sure they'd all be easier to line up hahaha the gunboat is on my radar tho as well.
  7. i hope he hits his ball straight into trees all week.
  8. i really want one of these and for someone who uses a blade, i frankly don't know why. lol
  9. i love my 'expensive' custom one-off... however i know i can put just as well with an OTR. personal preference.
  10. i had an R7 superquad TP tour issued that was not a long hosel - you could only go by my word tho since i don't have pics of it. was one of my favorite drivers -- should've never sold it. was hotmelted and had an 83g X flex original blueboard in it with tour graphics on the shaft. i kick myself all the time thinking bout it.
  11. send it to Continental golf...you're done.
  12. of course! like i said - they still value every single one of their customers from WRX.
  13. listen man, take your negative somewhere else. you do realize they had to start their website from scratch with the inability to get writers to test and write editorials for every club out there... I'm on the forum over there -- you gonna call me a phony too? i've talked to JT and Ed on the phone - they are the furthest thing from a scam. if ya got nothing nice to say, say nothin at all bud. ***i implore ANYONE on here who has either had something on order with GGE or waitlisted for something to write to them via their forum website. due to technical complications with
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