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  1. that mallet in a slant will be in my bag as soon as i can make it work lol love it.
  2. The area you circled is for all intents and purposes exactly the same as the retail head; the sun glare is reducing the chrome. not sure what you're seein here.
  3. tensei pro white 100TX is the deal
  4. yup....could/would game his bag in a heartbeat. lol noice!
  5. 1. Done! 2. Yup 3. Black Matte 4. I've wanted to try the new KBS tour putter shafts for sometime now just haven't had the chance to put one in play. Would really love the opportunity to see how much it would help my putting game since at the moment it appears to be the weakest part of my game - I was crazy excited to see this giveaway...heres to hopin/prayin i get picked!
  6. let us know how it goes!
  7. this would be my choice too -- X7 M50I gorgeous car, large and has more than enough features in it to rival the cullinan
  8. the aldila nv blue is pretty comparable...it may not be as stable tho.
  9. well, they weren't REALLY unicorns at the time -- no one knew who they were. want to make you sick? they were in a set of Nike Oven RAW VR blades...lol 3-PW.
  10. i played a set of monaco TX's for a while -- i liked them alot but, i knew how impossible they are to find...i sold them b/c i was worried about bending one and not being able to get a replacement.
  11. probably the orange -- but, gotta ask if you like the white...why the switch to mitsu?
  12. ah yes...between that and 7 days in Utopia for worst golf movies of all time...lol
  13. Consider the idea that the PGA tour might have tournaments covered by other media outlets...? They do it for majors -- why would it be inconceivable to think it may not happen with regular tournament events?
  14. who knows -- maybe if they went to ESPN or something for the thursday/friday rounds we might have something to watch other than ESPNs wonderful replays of sportscenter or talking heads.
  15. Lol I own many. Doesn't take a genius or a logical person to take care of firearms responsibly, but hey, u can always tell the ones who don't know jack s*** bout how to be responsible am I right?
  16. ....you take it out of your safe...that's in your house...when you're ready to repair it, or take it to be repaired. suh.....wing and a miss.
  17. love the FJ traditions and the FJ tours. i get the wide even though i dont have a really wide foot -- always found the FJs to run really narrow compared to others (specifically the FJ DNAs back in the day for some reason)
  18. and another trick is using a magic eraser on graphite shafts to help get off rub marks or small imperfections --
  19. i wouldn't say...'stiffer'. i think the modus has better feedback if that makes sense. also, i play my swingweights rather heavy too so, maybe in a lighter head/swingweight they might feel stiffer. x100 to me always got 'loose' when i went after it with regards to dispersion...i always felt like i had to time it right, rather than swing it.
  20. lol don't open that can of worms here! (there are plenty that will say you should never take advice from ANYONE on the internet...yet belong to a golf forum lol) i think 1/2" tipping of the ZF in the driver is plenty.
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