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  1. concur on the leading edge being less rounded -- they're simple and elegant otherwise. would game for sure if they changed the edge.
  2. been looking at this for too long lol -- how is it on long putts? fast greens?
  3. ...you guys know that that brand -- Kappa...has been around for a very long time dont you? #themoreyouknow
  4. the hybrid and fairways look stellar, esp at address. they look like old school titleist woods...#in.
  5. i ordered these with X7s...found out they aren't due in till end of september at earliest and cancelled the order
  6. whoa...whoa...lets not get crazy now.
  7. i have TX in my driver/3w/3h -- however i have x stiff in my irons, and S+ in my wedges.
  8. i find it oddly gritty to my soul -- you can bunt, or have bunted...but, is there a profession or title that is a bunter? lol
  9. i feel like this is too simple to discuss. since i'm not a bunter, i'll try to reach to your canadian understanding since you clearly have let the 'american' out. 1) if you are a long hitter - it is your responsibility to MAKE POSITIVE there is no one infront of you while driving. kinda like..at a firing range making sure there's no one waltzing infront of the targets...(surely you can grasp this) 2) if you accidentally hit into someone ...ONE time in a round -- it is YOUR responsibility to apologize, and make amends for the ignorance of safety for the group ahead. 3) if you hit int
  10. right now it's getting the swing that i've been fixing to make it to the course. on course my tempo gets quicker and my body reverts to the old swing. takes a ton of focus to 'lock-in' as of late too...probably b/c i'm fighting myself with the old/new swing.
  11. i'll be honest, last time i bought tees might've been 5+ years ago. on par 3's i look for broken ones...and i'm still working on plastic long tees that i find along the way. they last forever and hardly ever break one.
  12. the CSX LS has been my ball all season for this reason.
  13. Was time for a new bag...my last stayed with me for 7 years. Lol
  14. the original Nike Swoosh blades, 2-PW...in DG X100's, 2* up, +1/2". purest, sexiest clean irons i've ever had the pleasure of owning/gaming. eats me to this day i sold them.
  15. man i wanna see this OP put a tee next to JJFWebster's ball...just to see what happens.
  16. def not a fad -- i think he had it in the bag in case for some reason the weather went bad or the wind picked up. there are quite a few times when i may not hit a given club in my bag for a week or so -- doesn't mean it shouldn't be in there
  17. it's not a game changer i don't think since...heck most of us have been putting lines or visual aids on the ball for a long time now. also, i've used the chrome soft x LS triple track this year and actually felt it was easier to line up the 1 line on my intended line - and didn't look as busy. to each their own. i still use the CSXLS -- just without the triple track.
  18. he seems like the kinda guy who would be pissed at a paperboy for putting his newspaper in the door on a rainy day instead of leaving it on the porch to get wet. ...i mean, coming ALL the way to your door? pft.
  19. i agree with you on the snooze fest. there were no fireworks, no anything. are we not all being a bit...i dunno, sensitive to this stuff? can no one appreciate the fact we at least have golf to watch, or attend?
  20. dont' we have the olympics this year too??
  21. they're both different animals of sorts --- the hulk doesn't have the feel as the 2.0; and IMO launches a little higher than the 2.0. the 2.0 for me, has been more controllable and less spin. both are very stable. hope this helps - if you have more questions let me know, cheers.
  22. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Club Champion Golf - Livingston 277 Eisenhower Parkway Suite 12A Livingston, NJ 07039 US Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? I've experimented with other putter shafts before and haven't had the ability to try the new MC. would like to see if Fuji's putter shafts stack up performance/quality-wise against their wood shafts. What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? X firm please!!
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