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  1. New Level Utility NLU-01 24* w/ KBS Prototype Tour Hybrid 105 X. Hit maybe 20 balls, just was not working out for me. Super condition, see pics. $165 Shipped
  2. Taylormade M6 Rocket 3wd 14* with Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-7 in X Flex. Bought new last fall and just didn't use it enough to warrant keeping in the bag. Hit a few dozen times maybe. $250...$235...now $175 shipped pin 3/5
  3. Anyone see these and/or have any info if they are ever going to release? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Nike-Golf-Air-Max-270-G-Golf-Shoes-Bleached-Aqua-Black-CK6483-031-Mens/233724984069?var=533417869231&hash=item366b183b05:g:AqYAAOSwGUNfbaUS
  4. Agreed on the waterproofing. Like others mentioned, was thinking about dry summer days and mostly about traction. Again, as someone commented, some can manage in running shoes. The build of AM90's for golf don't appear to have more traction these do and I have buddies that play in those with no issue. Really liked the Trout shoe and reminded of the 270 Golf that I have and love.
  5. Curious to get some thoughts on whether some of the newer Baseball and/or Lacrosse Turf shoes would work on the course. I like the look of both of these styles from Nike; one is Mike Trout's Turf Shoe and the other is Lacrosse intended. Seems like both treads could work well on the course, but curious to see if anyone has experimented or have thoughts on potential pros/cons. Both styles got my attention cause I liked the look.
  6. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.6, 34", Delta Green Armor finish, Black Armor shaft finish (some light wear from in and out of bag), Pure grip, Camo Scotty Cameron cover, center shaft $425 $295 SOLD Mizuno MP-18 Fli-Hi MMC 3 iron, Graphite Design Tour AD-95 X flex, 40.5" $175 $SOLD
  7. Lots of backup gear sitting in the corner, needs to be gone so I can make a few upgrades. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 10.5* Driver w/ HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 shaft, 46", original headcover included $140 shipped SOLD Tour Edge Exotics EXS 15* 3 wood w/ HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 shaft 43.5", original headcover included $90 shipped SOLD Taylormade Tour Preferred Muscle Cavity 3-PW w/ X100's
  8. Not interested in trades at the moment. Also, got a message while I was away with an offer I accepted on these.
  9. New Level 4995 HB Utility Iron Set - 18, 21, 24, DG 105 X100, Standard Length/Loft/Lie, Midsize Z Grips. Ordered in April, played a handful of rounds and just never fully got along with them. Thinking the shaft was not quite right for me and I have not been able to gel with any Utility Irons yet. Going back to standard 2, 3, 4 irons for now. All 3 are in fantastic condition as I think the pictures will show. I paid $126.50 per Utility new, looks like they are $115 new now.$225 $199 Shipped for the set of 3. Only selling as a set for now. pin 6/10
  10. Iron set has been used 10 rounds. I liked the set, but I am going to something with less offset. Driving Iron was in bag for 14 rounds, but not used a ton. PXG 0211 4-GW Iron Set, +1/2", Strong Lofts, DG X100, Played 10 Rounds. See specs from custom order below. I strengthened lofts to match my previous set. $700 $650 $600 $575 Shipped PXG 0311 X Gen 2, 2 Driving Iron w/ DG 120 X100 $SOLD Sugarloaf Series #001 SSC Challenge Coin Ball Mark, New, never used $SOLD Pin 4/21
  11. Had some unfortunate news on the job front last night, so recent purchases and ball pickup from pro shop credit need to turn into cash... 3 Dozen + 1 Sleeve Pro V1x balls, New ~~$125 shipped~~ **SOLD** The Buck Club Red/White/Blue Slow Play Towel from recent drop, just came in today. ~~$45~~ ($35 which was the TBC price, plus my shipping to you) **SOLD** The Buck Club TBC Agronomy Hat in Blue from recent drop, just came in today. ~~$46~~ ($36 which was the TBC price, plus my shipping to you) **SOLD**
  12. SOLD - Nike Gift Cards - $100 and $25 - selling both for $100 - SOLD SOLD - Cobra King F8 Driver w/ Tensei Blue 60 Stiff, MCC Plus 4 Align grip - $140 - SOLD Small scratched spot on back of head, literally didn't notice it until taking pics just now. SOLD - Taylormade TP5 Razorback Logo'd balls, New, 11 sleeves - $60 - SOLD
  13. UPDATE: planning to play after meetings on Thursday which should end before noon. Leave late that night, so closer to airport is best, so was thinking Balboa Park. Let me know if you'd like to join!
  14. I know, I know. I had a guy get upset one time cause the driver I sold was shorter than "standard."
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