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  1. I'm pretty close. If anything just swap out 745s for 785s /w Nippon modus 120s.
  2. MD4 Black with KBS $ taper 120s in black finish.
  3. > @jt2gt said: > > Cool...curious on the number, did they bend the 785 to 30 to increase spin or height (although Modus 105 should be high launch on its own without bending the 6i)? Did you test it at stock 28 against the 745? I did test it here are the numbers: 785/Modus 3 105s 6 iron at 28*: Avg Ball speed - 116.7 Club head speed - 88.2 Avg Carry - 161.2 Avg Total D - 176.2 Avg Height - 23.5 yards I went into the fitting wanting a higher flight and better descending angle. I was surprised the club head speed was higher at 30*, maybe its the visual that gave me confidence. this was an average of 10 shots.
  4. Went for a fitting in March and was fitted into 785's with modus 3 105s. They feel amazing but there wasn't enough of a difference to swap out my current 745 gamers with DG Pro s300s if you look at the numbers but the flight was definitely beneficial with the 785 modus combo as they launched much higher with a better decending angle and longer carry. I also tested the Shimada constant, PX 5.5, elevate s300. I tested the AP2, P790 as well and Srixon were my clear favorites. Felt soft and solid at impact. If you can find 745's in good shape I'd suggest that route. 745/DG Pro 6 iron at 28*: Avg Ball Speed - 119.2 Club head speed - 88.4 Avg Carry - 159.8 Avg Total D - 177.5 Avg height - 20.1 yards 785/Modus 3 105s 6 iron at 30*: Avg Ball speed - 119.9 Club head speed - 90.3 Avg Carry - 162.7 Avg Total D - 175.6 Avg Height - 25.3 yards
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forums. Had a question about ordering clubs from the Callaway website. I placed an order for a 5w and made the mistake of ordering club at -1" in length rather than -.5", I reached out to them but unfortunately I was informed the club was already built and shipped. My fault, I have no problems with that and who knows maybe I won't mind the 41.5" 5w, worst case scenario I can refund/RMA. My question was around swingweight. When Callaway cuts the clubs to size do they do anything to bring the swingweight back to the original/default weight? I believe the sw is at D2 but with 1" shorter it would go down to C6? Also for trimming info safe to Callaway will follow the instructions provided by the shaft manufacturer? Thanks in advance for your response. EDIT: Callaway rep got back to me the answers to my question.
  6. I went from playing about 40 rounds in the summer to now about 12-15 rounds after baby #2. Ball striking hasn't suffered much although I've now switched to Srixon 745's from MB's. Where I saw the most noticeable deficiencies were in my short game (chipping & putting). I used to love putting thought of myself as a good putter, its so bad now.
  7. Good point. If I find some tee times on golfnow or underpar it'll be around $55 tax in.
  8. Wanted to get an idea of prices people are paying for 18 holes in their area. I was reading a topic on distance travelled for golf and some mentioned they drive further away for cheaper golf but where I live it's about $70 per round for a decent/good course and over $100 for really nice course no matter how far I travel. Also planning a golf trip in the near future, this post might help me make my decision on where to go.
  9. July/August since I like getting out really early around 8am. Temps can get pretty low if it isn't the summer months.
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