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  1. I have 2 sons that have been playing golf for a while (12 & 10). One of my pet peeves with golf, is that is is solely on the parents to organize, hire, and run a program for your own kids in golf. We belong to a private club and I have been pressing my our pro to put together a more structured and organized Jr. program. So I am looking for ideas from you all. Here are my first few thoughts......dedicated t times (maybe 3 days a week for an hour) , structured skillset clinics, maybe a jr. golf newsletter for parents, having a dedicated Jr golf person, who is responsible for the program.
  2. We started having indoor lessons with our pro last week. There are a couple of grip and alignment things that he is going to work on witht he boys. Try and work on fundamentals. We are also going to try and come up with a preshot routine and embed that into them. The last thing that he recommended is to start swinging the speed sticks 2x a day for 25 swings. The goal is to try and gain 7ish mph in swing speed over the winter. That, along with a more efficient swing will hopefully add 25-30ish yards in distance.
  3. This is my tentative training plan for my 2 sons. (9 &11). They started playing in a tournaments this past year. We were a bit out of our league for most of the year, but the scores really started dropping as the season unfolded. They are looking to get off to a faster start with their progression, so we came up with a tentative plan. They will be doing a joint lesson with our pro once a week outside as long as the weather holds off. This will be an on course lesson. Once the weather turns, they will move to an hour each, but will be separate. So each will have 4- hour long lessons
  4. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2019/07/29/cleveland-srixon-partners-with-asics-to-distribute-golf-shoes-in-the-united-states-115577/
  5. So went through the ropes today. First Max(Owner) was the fitter. He knows his stuff and it was super relaxing working with him. Cost was $75 for the fitting. We tried my existing gamer titleist 915 d2 stiff flex and got my baseline numbers on trackman. We tried, Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, and Mizuno. The best numbers for me ended up being the Mizuno ST190 atmos black 6x. I saw an increase in ball speed of almost 10 mph and swing speed of 4ish mph. I had a little something going on where I was hitting everything off the heel. That was my swing more than anything. Seems like his
  6. I am having a driver fitting there tomorrow. I will write up a review of my experience after. From what I was old, that have every major brand except Taylor Made. For what ever reason TM won’t let them onboard. Looking forward to it.
  7. I have a 9 & 11 year old who started playing in US kids and NE PGA tournaments this year. First several were high 50's low 60's, then low 50's, and now mid 40's. Its a great experience.
  8. There is a reason Asics are worn by all of the marathon runners. There golf shoes are fantastic. They are VERY hard to find at stores. I just ordered a few pairs around my size on amazon, and returned the ones that didnt fit. I have really bad ankles/feet. They have been amazing.
  9. I was all about getting clubs that work for me. I’m 6’1, 7 iron ss was 93mph. My current gamers are ping i20’s, so it’s been a while. Was definitely weird hitting 7 irons 185 yards. Getting yardage down is gonna take some work.
  10. Ok, so I went with my club pro for a fitting. We came up with the callaway apex pro, xflex, +1/2 inch, 2 degrees upright and tt elevate 120 shafts. Looking forward to gaming these!
  11. So, I am in the need of new clubs. I live really close to the Manchester Lane facility and have been looking at the full bag fitting. My other option is just working with my club pro for a fitting. He has fitting carts for ping, and callaway in addition to the titleist. Obviously the selections on those carts is far smaller that the full fitting at Titelist. So would you go for the full fitting through them, or a more limited fitting through the pro, but with more manufacturers options?
  12. Portsmouth, RI 7.6 Ping i20 From what I read, forgiving with a thin top line. Yes
  13. My two sons (8&10) are playing in a few of the US Kids tournaments in the next few months. Anyone else playing? We are trying to get a bit of golf under our belts the next week or so. Hoping to get rid of the rust. Any thoughts? recommendations? Who has played these events?
  14. I took most of last year off of golf but am back on the saddle this year. I am a member at Wanumetonomy in Middletown, RI. Our course overlooks the bay and the Newport Navy base. Its a 1922 Seth Raynor course. I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to play. If you are from the area or are just here on vacation. Feel free to hit me up and we can work it out. -Ian
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