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  1. Yes. 4-GW should be available LH
  2. What font did you use in your emails? I think that will ultimately determine the results of the sent emails.
  3. USGA site does show a GW for the 223
  4. To be devil’s advocate you don’t really see the trailing edge relief on the Mizuno at that angle. You can kind of see where it begins in the reflection.
  5. They are in the USGA database. I just don't think they offered them in the Asian market release. I guess tomorrow we will hear something official.
  6. USGA club database has pics of the GW for the 223's and 225's
  7. As a lefty I'm still excited for the 223's and the GW! Hoping for the best.
  8. Kind of disappointing but they have the chomoly in 4-7 and I guess it is still TBD how hot they will be.
  9. The set is chromoly forged from 7 iron up. FWIW https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/ResultDisplay.aspx?clubtype=Iron&Manf=Mizuno Corp.&Prod=Mizuno Pro 223 (LH)
  10. Based off the USGA conforming site it looks like the 223’s including the GW
  11. There is def a gap wedge for 223. It’s on the usga conforming site.
  12. I spoke to a rep that manufacturers dumbbells and olympic plates and he told us their shipping containers have gone up from $3500 to $19,000. Those increases obviously impact prices.
  13. So will the i525 basically be a hot faced i59?
  14. Yeah, he actually discusses it a little in this video. Mentioned trying to go with i210 long irons when he put the i59s in the bag but there was too much of a physical difference so went back to his old iBlades http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es9sIPlt1qM But even Pings site shows him back to a full bag of i210s. Just an interesting move coupled with the mixed reviews of the i59s.
  15. Based off the pics in this thread it looks like he's gone back to the i210s https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1832163-2021-tour-championship-tuesday/ This one pic shows the set up he played with the i59s and iBlades with the new i210's next to his bag. Thanks for the pics GolfWRX. That answered my question.
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