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  1. Interesting. It sounds like Rahm went to the micro hinge in his new Rossie because of the same issue.
  2. Looks like the i59's performed well in a little wind for Corey today.
  3. It looks like they are in a handful of players’ bags on the European Tour now too. Overall it appears there a lot of split sets with i59’s. Guys still sticking with iBlade and i210’s in the longer irons. Hmmm
  4. Conners, Hagy, Mahan and Oppenheim had some in their bags at the Valspar (and showing on Ping.com). Lashley looked to have some in his this early this week. I guess we have to see if they are there tomorrow.
  5. Being a lefty, Phil has always been a hero of mine. This would be an awesome piece of equipment to own!
  6. Hello, I know golf pride makes the Baby T grip. Does golf pride or any other manufacturer make a grip that is like the Baby T just without the Cameron/Titleist branding? Size, profile, etc? Thanks
  7. very nice. I am just a sucker for old school pings. Nice pick up!
  8. Manganese Bronze Ping PutterHello, Is there anything that can be applied to a new manganese bronze Ping putter to accelerate the patina process? Thanks
  9. Who makes one?So besides Ping's My Day, who else make that style putter for a lefty? I have seen a Bettinardi tour in this style but was curious if there were others out there? Thanks
  10. Does anyone have any pics of his actual bag? I know what is in his bag but searching all of the tour pics I couldn't find a pic of his bag. Thanks, Kevin
  11. I have never seen an odyssey insert completely replaced like that. Very interesting. hmmm...
  12. I play PX 7.0's and I play them slightly over length. In the shop they cycled out really high and I was a little worried but they play great. I have them in some LT's. Great feel and ballflight.
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